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Muslim Hearings Taking Us Down a Slippery Slope (ContributorNetwork)

Thursday, Mar 10, 2011, saw an electric atmosphere on Capitol Hill. New York Congressman Peter King (R-03), Chairman of a United States House Homeland Security Committee, convened a special conference patrician “The Extent of Radicalization in a American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response” to try radical Islam in a United States. Congressman King is a same sold who, in a 2007 talk with Politico.com, announced there were “too many mosques in this country.” The preference to have this conference has been met with a good volume of antithesis and snub from several communities, organizations, and individuals.

One of a some-more distinguished testimonies was delivered by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. During his remarks, Sheriff Baca cautioned opposite “singling out a sold territory of a nation” while reminding a cabinet that there were over 70 apprehension plots formulated by United States-based, non-Muslim people and organizations given 9/11. In contrast, there have usually been 41 cases detected to have been recognised by radical domestic and general Muslim organizations combined. Sherrif Baca was zero brief of an conflict dog on Thursday, regularly station adult for organizations like a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whom Rep. King had indeed motionless to ban from a conference altogether.

In today’s domestic world, honest Muslim groups need people like Baca to mount adult for them in a face of lawmakers from all levels of supervision who make no disguise about their personal feelings per people who use Islam. Take, for example, Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly who recently done an coming on this viral video of protesters cheering “Go behind home! Go behind home!” outward an eventuality put on by a Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA, dictated to lift income for homeless shelters and other amicable programs in a United States.

“I don’t even caring if we consider I’m crazy any more…I know utterly a few Marines who would be really happy to assistance these terrorists to an early assembly in paradise,” a councilwoman pronounced to laughs from a crowd.

How do we design Muslim Americans to feel when everywhere they spin there is a uninformed indictment or nuisance formed on their race? Congressman King seems to be on a witch-hunt a likes of that hasn’t been seen given a McCarthy comrade searches of a 1950s and a internment of Japanese Americans before that. This is only a latest in a fibre of efforts by American lawmakers that singular out Muslims for an annoying spin of review and persecution. In fact, a series of states have indeed introduced, and seen success in passing, legislation that goes out of a approach to anathema Sharia Law within a state’s borders. The prerequisite and legitimacy of such legislation is being questioned in courts all over a country. Not to discuss a viewed stupidity of a politicians could outcome in serve exacerbating an already moving attribute between a United States and many of a Muslim world.

It seems that Congressman King had convened this conference entirely wakeful of a domestic playground it would spin into. His aforementioned movement of indeed banning distinguished Muslim organizations from partaking implies that no honest bid had been done to strech out and rivet in prolific discourse with a whole village that a conference would chuck a really heated spotlight upon. This was not a good pierce to make by Rep. King and a Republican majority, and will be looked behind on as an nauseous occurrence where a United States House of Representatives targeted Americans formed on zero some-more than their race, and a personal feelings of one congressman.

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