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Does Obama have any wish of winning Texas? (The Week)

New York – The president’s debate competence make a “serious play” for a nation’s biggest red state in 2012 — though is Texas prepared to be messed with?

President Obama’s 2012 re-election debate manager, Jim Messina, pronounced his group is deliberation making a “serious play” for Texas and a 38 electoral votes subsequent year. In 2008, Obama mislaid a state to John McCain by 12 commission points, and no Dem has hold a vital statewide bureau in years. But some Democratic strategists see Texas’ booming, nervous Latino race as a pointer that this imposingly red state could one day spin blue. Is Obama unequivocally going to dedicate a $15 million to $25 million indispensable for a critical bid in Texas — and would he even mount a chance?

It depends that Republican he’s facing: Obama has an ascending conflict to kick a general Republican in Texas, says Glenn Thrush during Politico. “But that waste is reduced extremely if a GOP hopeful happens to be one Mitt Romney.” Romney competence be a GOP frontrunner, though Texas Republicans aren’t eager about a former blue-state administrator with large health caring baggage. And a state’s Baptists and Catholics competence not adore Romney’s Mormonism.
“Obama, Romney, and Texas”

Obama will never win Texas: This is only a siren dream, says Bryan Preston in Pajamas Media. “Obama can spend a packet in a Lone Star state subsequent year, and he substantially will,” though it won’t buy him victory. Texans are overwhelmingly libertarian-conservative, and we don’t like a Democrats’ bulletin any some-more than we like Obama. And as for banking on a Latino vote, forget it. “Texas Hispanics askance some-more regressive than white Texans.”
“Will Obama make a play… or is he only messing with Texas?”

Fighting for Texas could assistance Obama bag other pitch states: “Obama has small possibility of winning Texas in 2012,” says Tom Curry during MSNBC, though creation a large play for a state could compensate dividends with “a most wider assembly of Latinos” in states like Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia. There’s a “trove of millions of authorised though unregistered Latinos” that watch Spanish-language news. If they’re assured Obama is critical about them, he competence only tip a change in a few Latino-heavy pitch states.
“Obama visits Texas, though eyes incomparable Latino opinion outward state”

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