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Pope praying for US hurricane victims (AP)

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday positive survivors of a deadliest hurricane in a United States given 1950 that he was tighten to them spiritually and praying for wish and strength for a homeless.

“The Holy Father has followed with low regard a issue of a inauspicious hurricane that struck Joplin on Sunday,” review a content of a telegram of oneness sent to a internal bishop in Missouri and done open by a Vatican.

In a telegram, Benedict asks Springfield-Cape Giradeau Bishop James Johnston to “convey to a whole village a declaration of his alliance in prayer, unwavering of a comfortless detriment of life and a enormity of a work of rebuilding that lies head.”

At slightest 122 people were killed and some 750 bleeding by a deadliest singular tornado given 1950, when a U.S. National Weather Service started gripping central records. Some 80,000 buildings were destroyed. Joplin has a race of some 50,000.

Benedict pronounced he was seeking God to extend “eternal rest to a departed, satisfaction to a lamentation and strength and wish to a homeless and a injured.”

(This chronicle corrects deadliest given 1950 instead of 1955.)

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