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Adele’s First ‘Vogue’ Cover! (omg!)

Adele's First 'Vogue' Cover!

British singing prodigy Adele is Vogue‘s Mar cover girl, where a 23-year-old song luminary gives a utterly in-depth and vehement speak that reveals some-more of a large celebrity behind a universe famous voice.

In a speak with Vogue‘s Jonathan Van Meter, Adele opens adult to a mag about her insecurities — utterly her loathing for a red runner (“I literally get a stomach cramp”), a fact that she still gets shaken each time she sings (“I’m sh***** myself” she says about singing during Sunday night’s Grammys), and her stripped-down opening style.

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“I unequivocally consider that reduction is more,” she explains. “I don’t consider we could lift it off, doing an elaborate show. There are a integrate of songs that are estimable of a few explosions and dancing teams and things like that. But we would feel unequivocally worried displaying my song like that. we usually wish to sing it. we don’t wish to perform with my body.”

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She also reveals some-more about a male that desirous a distressing songs on 21, who still stays unknown to this day.

“For ages we was like, As if he deserves any f****** acclamation for moving my record,” she says about her ex who’s 10 years comparison than her. “But now, after some time, it usually seems right that a chairman who so distant has had a biggest impact on me — has now altered my life for f***** ever with this manuscript — deserves a small credit. we can do things that we never dreamed I’d be means to do.”

Adele has in fact found adore again, this time with 37-year-old Simon Konecki, whom she describes as “wonderful.”

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“He’s unapproachable of me, though he don’t caring about what we do or what other people think,” she says. “He looks after me. we don’t consider we would have gotten by a liberation for my medicine if it hadn’t been for him.”

And what does she feel is a large myth about herself?

“People consider that I’m f****** miserable,” she says. “They are unequivocally astounded when they accommodate me that I’m talkative and bubbly and kind of utterly untroubled really. I’m a sum conflicting of my records.”

Vogue‘s Mar emanate hits newsstands Feb 21. For some-more on Adele’s in-depth interview, go to Vogue.com.

Tune in to tonight’s ET to see Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley speak about Adele’s initial Vogue cover!

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