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Syrian army ‘launch Deraa assault’

Syrian infantry have pounded a southern city of Deraa, adjacent Jordan, in a latest escalation in a aroused crackdown on an anti-government uprising, according to activists.

The dispute came as a United Nations General Assembly was due to opinion after on Thursday on a new fortitude condemning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s supervision after a UN Security Council unsuccessful to strech agreement earlier this month due to Russian and Chinese opposition.

Ban Ki-moon, a UN general-secretary, pronounced on Thursday that crimes opposite amiability had substantially been committed by Syrian forces, echoing concerns of Navi Pillay, a organisation’s tellurian rights chief, who has called for a conditions in Syria to be referred to a International Criminal Court.

“We see neighbourhoods shelled indiscriminately, hospitals used as woe centres, children as immature as 10 years aged killed and abused. We see roughly a certain crimes opposite humanity,” Ban pronounced during a revisit to Austria.


Thursday’s fortitude during a UN General Assembly is due by Arab states including Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as good as Western powers that have voiced support for protesters in Syria, including a US, a UK and France.

It calls for a public to demonstrate grave regard during a decrease of a conditions in Syria, and to behind an Arab League assent beginning that calls for “a Syrian-led domestic transition to a approved political system”.

In Deraa, a sound of explosions and machinegun glow echoed by districts underneath dispute by supervision troops, a Reuters news agency quoted residents as saying.

“The army bombardment started around emergence and after that exchanges of glow occurred,” Hussam Izzedine, a member of a Syrian tellurian rights organization Sawasiah, told Reuters from Deraa.

“Deraa has been convalescent a purpose in a uprising. Demonstrations have resumed and a Free Syrian Army has been
providing confidence for protests in some tools of a city.”

The dispute in a city follows continued bombardments and tank shelling in a cities of Hama and Homs, in an apparent expostulate to vanquish a 11-month overthrow opposite Assad’s rule.

‘Push to control mislaid ground’

Artillery shelled tools of Homs on Wednesday for a 13th day in a row. The Local Co-ordination Committees, an romantic group, pronounced during slightest 4 people were killed by army glow strong on Bab Amr district, an antithesis stronghold.

Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, stating from neghbouring Beirut, said: “Syrian supervision army seem to be on a offensive, pulling behind into areas where Free Syrian Amry [FSA] had taken control in a past few weeks.”

“They have been conducting serious seizures and bombardments in many areas in a country: Hama, Homs and suburbs of Damascus, and this morning in Deraa in a south,” she said.

“The FSA has been pulling behind as a supervision army try to re-control, generally aged city of Deraa,” a Al Jazeera match said.

“We are conference about lot of gunfire and barrage by a confidence forces, and it is really tough to determine how many people have been killed or harmed since people contend many communications are down.

“It is apparent supervision seems determined, as they wish to take control of all a areas they mislaid in a past few months.”

There was no criticism from Syrian authorities, who firmly shorten media entrance to a country.

An army descent final Apr put down vast demonstrations in Deraa, that had been annoyed by a detain of several women activists and a apprehension of schoolboys.

Syrian antithesis re-elects Ghalioun

Meanwhile on Thursday, a Syrian National Council (SNC), re-elected Burhan Ghalioun as boss of a bloc. His charge as personality of a coalition, that has become a categorical voice of a Syrian opposition, runs to Apr 15.

“The SNC renews a oath to do a final of a Syrian people and a responsibilities towards them, and to safeguard that nothing of a carnage has been in vain,” a SNC Executive Committee pronounced in a matter after assembly in Doha, Qatar.

“The SNC’s boss will have a dedicated veteran group to promote communications between a SNC’s committees, bureaus, activists on a ground, service workers, and support for a Free Syrian Army.”

Syrian confidence army continued their debate even as Assad on Wednesday set Feb 26 as a date for a referendum on a new constitution, that a supervision says will lead to multi-party elections within 90 days.

But it was deserted by a antithesis and a West, with a US job it “laughable”.

China, that drew tellurian defamation when it assimilated Russia in vetoing a UN Security Council fortitude on Syria, pronounced on Thursday it would send an attach� to Damascus to pull for a “peaceful” finish to a conflict.

Zhai Jun, a Chinese clamp unfamiliar minister, will revisit Syria from Feb 17 to 18, a unfamiliar method orator said.

Russia and China have so distant refused to hook to tactful vigour over Syria, though France pronounced on Wednesday it was negotiating a new UN Security Council fortitude with Russia, that would embody a origination of charitable corridors to palliate a predicament of civilians held adult in a violence.

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