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Assad tells Annan ‘terrorists’ retard solution

President Bashar al-Assad has told Kofi Annan, the UN and Arab League envoy, that no domestic solution is probable in Syria while “terrorist” groups are destabilising a country.

“Syria is prepared to make a success of any honest bid to find a fortitude for a events it is witnessing,” state news group SANA quoted Assad as revelation his guest in Damascus on Saturday.

“No domestic discourse or domestic activity can attain while there are armed militant groups handling and swelling disharmony and instability,” a Syrian personality pronounced after about dual hours of talks with a former UN secretary-general.

There was no evident criticism from Annan after a meeting, directed during crude carnage that has cost thousands of lives given a renouned overthrow erupted a year ago.

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton, stating from Beirut, pronounced observers are energetically available Annan’s comment of a meeting.

“As of now, we are usually conference from one side, a Syrian state media. Their descriptions were certain though don’t sound terribly optimistic. It doesn’t sound, from a Syrian side fo things, that really most swell has been made,” Turton said.

While they discussed a crisis, Syrian infantry were assaulting a northwestern city of Idlib, an opposition bastion.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who met Annan in Cairo progressing in a day, told a Arab League his nation was “not safeguarding any regime”, though did not trust a Syrian predicament could be blamed on one side alone.

He called for a ceasefire and charitable assist access, though Qatar and Saudi Arabia neatly criticised Moscow’s stance.

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh, stating from Cairo, pronounced today’s develpoments have increasing specualtion about a outcome of a UN Security Council assembly in New York on Monday.

“What is critical for Russia, and Sergei Lavrov done it really transparent today, is for both sides to repel their fighters from a cities and for a responsibility on both sides. Then, pierce brazen to a ceasefire and entrance to charitable aid,” Rageh said.

“This raises engaging questions. Who is going to guard a ceasefire? But what is critical is that [Russia and other nations] are during a discourse table. Both sides are offereing concede here and this will all be brought to a [UN] Security Council,” she added.


Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, who has led calls for Assad to be isolated, and for a Syrian oppositon to be armed, pronounced a ceasefire was not enough.

Syrian leaders contingency be hold to comment and domestic prisoners freed, he declared.

“We contingency send a summary to a Syrian regime that a world’s calm and a calm has run out, as has a time for overpower about a practices,” Qatar’s primary minister said.

Saud al-Faisal, a Saudi unfamiliar minister, pronounced shortcomings in a UN Security Council, where Russia and China have twice vetoed resolutions on Syria, had authorised a murdering to go on.

Their position, he said, “gave a Syrian regime a looseness to extend a heartless practices opposite a Syrian people”.

Agreement points

International rifts have paralysed movement on Syria, with Russia and China hostile Western and Arab calls for Assad, who hereditary energy from his father scarcely 12 years ago, to quit.

Lavrov told Arab ministers in Cairo that a new UN Security Council fortitude had a possibility of being authorized if it was not driven by a enterprise to let a armed opposition take control of Syria’s streets.

The US has drafted a uninformed resolution, though a State Department pronounced on Friday it was not confident that a content would be supposed by a Security Council.

France says it will conflict any magnitude that binds a Syrian supervision and a foes equally obliged for a bloodshed.

Despite their differences, Lavrov and Arab ministers pronounced they had concluded on a need for an finish to assault in Syria.

They also called for unprejudiced monitoring of events there, antithesis to unfamiliar intervention, smoothness of charitable assist and support for Annan’s assent efforts.

Russia’s role

Annan also designed to accommodate Syrian dissidents before withdrawal Damascus on Sunday.

He has called for a domestic solution, though a antithesis says a time for discourse is prolonged gone.

“We support any beginning that aims to stop a killings, though we reject it if it is going to give Bashar some-more time to mangle a series and keep him in power,” Melham al-Droubi, a Saudi-based member of a Muslim Brotherhood, and of a banished Syrian National Council, told a Reuters news agency by telephone.

Russia, one of Syria’s few unfamiliar friends and a categorical arms supplier, could play a pivotal purpose in any negotiated solution.

Chinese and Russian hostility to approve any UN fortitude on Syria stems partly from their fear that it could
be used to clear a Libya-style troops intervention, nonetheless Western powers repudiate any goal to go to fight again in Syria.

Qatar’s prime minister chided Russia for usurpation a Syrian government’s description of insurgents as armed gangs.

“There are no armed gangs, a systematic murdering came from a Syrian supervision side for many months,” he told a Arab League meeting.

“After that a people were forced to urge themselves so a regime labeled them armed gangs.” .

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will accommodate Lavrov in New York on Monday when a Security Council binds a special assembly on Arab revolts, with Syria expected to be in focus.

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