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Five Guantanamo Taliban determine Qatar transfer

Taliban detainees are seen by some US officials as among a many dangerous inmates during Guantanamo [GALLO/GETTY]

Five Taliban detainees hold during a US Guantanamo Bay infantry jail have concluded to be eliminated to Qatar, a pierce Afghanistan believes will boost a nascent assent process, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s orator has said.

The inmates told a visiting Afghan commission they were peaceful to be eliminated to a Gulf state, and it was now adult to a US either they were freed, pronounced Aimal Faizi.

The possible transfer is seen as part of US efforts to move a Taliban to a negotiating list to equivocate enlarged instability in Afghanistan after unfamiliar fight infantry leave a nation during a finish of 2014.

“We are carefree this will be a certain step toward assent efforts,” Faizi told the Reuters news agency, adding a Taliban detainees would be reunited with their families in Qatar if a send takes place.

It would be one of a array of good-faith measures that could set in suit a initial estimable domestic negotiations
on a dispute in Afghanistan given a Taliban supervision was defeated in 2001 in a US-led invasion.

A year after it was unveiled, a assent beginning of US President Barack Obama  may shortly offer Washington a ancestral event to attorney an finish to a fight that began as a response to a Sep 11, 2001, al-Qaeda attacks on a US.

Covert diplomacy

But a assent expostulate also presents risks for Obama.

He faces a intensity for domestic fallout months before a presidential election, as his supervision considers subsidy an
arrangement that would give some grade of energy to a Taliban, famous for their savagery and impassioned interpretation of Islam.

Despite months of growth diplomacy, it stays misleading either a restrained send will go ahead.

Doubts are flourishing about either a Taliban care is peaceful to continue probable antithesis from youth and more
hardcore members who seem to conflict negotiations.

Ibrahim Spinzada, Karzai’s tip aide, visited a Guantanamo trickery this week to secure capitulation from a 5 Taliban
prisoners to be changed to Qatar.

Karzai’s supervision had demanded a 5 former comparison members of a Taliban government, hold during Guantanamo Bay for a decade, gave their agree before they are eliminated to Qatar’s custody.

‘High-risk’ prisoners

US officials wish a assent beginning will benefit adequate traction to capacitate Obama to announce a investiture of
full-yfledged domestic talks between a Karzai supervision and a Taliban during a NATO limit in May. 

That would symbol a vital feat for a White House and competence palliate some of a stress combined by NATO nations’ skeleton to gradually lift out many of their infantry by a finish of 2014, withdrawal an fresh Afghan infantry and frail supervision to face a still-formidable Taliban.

The Taliban detainees are seen by some US officials as among a many dangerous inmates during Guantanamo.

Their probable send has drawn attacks from US politicians from both parties, even before a administration
formally starts a compulsory congressional presentation process.

Among a prisoners who might be sent to Qatar is Mohammed Fazl, a “high-risk” detainee purported to be obliged for a murdering of thousands of minority Shia Muslims between 1998 and 2001.

They also embody Noorullah Noori, a former comparison infantry commander; Abdul Haq Wasiq, a former emissary intelligence
minister; and Khairullah Khairkhwa, a former interior minister.

‘Very important’

Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasool will revisit Qatar to accommodate supervision officials to plead settlement with the
Taliban, a method orator pronounced earlier.

Rasool is scheduled to leave for Qatar soon, unfamiliar method orator Janan Mosazai told Reuters. He will visit
Saudi Arabia before then.

The Taliban announced in Jan they would open a domestic bureau in Qatar, suggesting they might be peaceful to rivet in
negotiations that would expected give them supervision positions or control over some of their chronological southern heartland.

An Afghan central described Rasool’s revisit as a “very critical step”.

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