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Judean silver brings $1 million during NYC auction

NEW YORK (AP) — An ancient Judean china has sole for $1.1 million during a New York City auction.

The Year 1 antecedent china shekel (SHEHK’-uhl) from A.D. 66 was bought Thursday night during Heritage Auctions by a private East Coast collector.

It’s one of usually dual famous Year 1 antecedent china shekels. The other one is in a collection of a Israel Museum.

It’s a initial silver coin struck by Jewish army sickening opposite Roman order in a initial century. It facilities an picture of a protocol mug and 3 pomegranates.

Heritage says it’s a top cost for any Judean china paid during auction.

It’s one of 2,200 ancient Judean coins from a Shoshana Collection fabricated by a private Los Angeles-area collector. He bought it during a 1991 auction for some-more than $240,000.

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