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Senegal awaits presidential runoff results

Dakar, Senegal – Vote counting has begun after Senegal’s presidential runoff that pitted ageing obligatory Abdoulaye Wade opposite Macky Sall, who is heading a joined opposition.

Polling stations sealed after a mostly pacific electoral practice on Sunday that attracted more than 5 million voters, with internal reports suggesting a high turnout.

Preliminary formula from Senegalese living overseas had started filtering in, yet but central formula from a choosing elect it was not transparent that of a dual possibilities was autocratic a gentle lead.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, stating from a collateral Dakar, pronounced Sall had won 42 of a 50 polling stations whose results had been announced. Wade also lost during a really polling hire where he voted.

But a correspondent said that “this is a really tiny sample”, adding that it was formidable to get a voting pattern.

Public and private radio stations announced that Sall had cumulative some-more votes than Wade in Port Gentil, Gabon, and Marseille, France, Senegal’s former colonial ruler.

Both sides had uttered certainty before voting started across a West African nation, a month after a initial turn opinion whittled a margin down to dual candidates. 

Wade pronounced that he was gratified that a elections were going good and urged people to accept a formula even if he mislaid a election.

When he arrived with his family to opinion during a Mouhamadou Fadilou Mbacke polling hire in Dakar, the 85-year-old Wade was given a hero’s acquire by thousands of his supporters.

Moments earlier, military had dismissed rip gas into a organisation of protesters who screamed “Long live Wade” and indicted a antithesis of being “supported by homosexuals”.

Serigne Mbacke Ndiaye, Wade’s spokesperson, told Al Jazeera that Wade’s Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) was “ready and some-more than confident” and “the electorate are with us”.

“There is usually one probable outcome of this election, and that is we will win,” he said.

‘Excellent campaign’

Protests had damaged out in a streets outward a polling hire where Wade was approaching to expel his ballot.

Protesters siad they wanted to make certain that antithesis supporters did not taunt and ‘boo’ Wade.

Police fired teargas into a throng that had refused to behind down, but no casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, El Hadj Kasse, Macky Sall’s spokesperson, told Al Jazeera that his Alliance for a Republic (APR-Yakaar) celebration was “perfectly ready”.

“We know we have finished an glorious debate … [and are] intensely assured given everybody notices currently that a Senegalese need change,” he said.

Wade’s candidacy stirred antithesis protests and travel clashes before to a initial turn amid dismay over his preference to find a third true term, notwithstanding himself introducing a two-term limit.

Wade, boss given 2000, argued that a tenure extent could not be practical retroactively, and was corroborated by a country’s inherent council. 

In a initial turn of voting, he cumulative 34 per cent of a vote, while Sall managed to win 27 per cent. But 12 antithesis parties have rallied behind a APR-Yakaar personality and former primary minister, appearing to give him an corner in a runoff.

After voting in Fatick, Sall pronounced he hoped a list would exhibit a people’s will and that he hoped there would not be any surprises. He also called on supporters to refrain from creation any announcements before elections officials did so and pronounced he was confident with a clarity of a vote.

Economic dissatisfaction

Analysts contend that restlessness with a economy, with roughly half a race impoverished and about 60 per cent vital in poverty, has increased antithesis to Wade’s rule.

“Since 2007, flourishing unemployment, visit energy failures, high simple line prices and crime eroded a recognition of President Wade and supposing a height for a presentation of polite multitude activists to plea a regime,” David Zoumennou, a comparison researcher during a Institute of Security Studies (ISS) in Pretoria, told Al Jazeera.


But Zoumennou pronounced it was misleading either Sall offering anything different.

“Fighting to stop Wade’s aspiration has been a categorical regard for a initial turn of a elections. But we can disagree that, being a mind behind a mercantile liberalism underneath Wade, he is expected to pursue a same mercantile doctrine.”

While Wade’s opponents have uttered discreet confidence about a outcome of Sunday’s vote, a incumbent, who spent 30 years in antithesis before to his election, continues to authority a constant believer base.

“For 40 years this nation was run by a same people, and let me tell you, they did zero for this place. The small that has happened here [in Dakar] is usually given of Wade,” Sory Ba, a fisherman during a capital’s Colobane market, told Al Jazeera.

Extra sleep

Yassine Seck, 57, a fruit businessman concurred. She says that Wade’s improvements to roads and open ride meant she gets an hour’s additional nap each morning before going to marketplace to sell her wares.

While observers and analysts have mostly ruled out fears of choosing assault and rigging, choosing officials are not holding any chances.

On Saturday, a head of a CENA choosing elect told a internal journal that a dual possibilities had been criminialized from any beforehand stipulation of a final formula to equivocate lifting tensions in a country.

Much of a contention in a lead adult to a opinion has revolved around conjecture over a deals that Sall had done with other antithesis possibilities in sequence to benefit their support.

Yoncouba Seydi, a orator of Idrissa Seck, a frontrunner antithesis claimant in a initial round, pronounced that Seck had concluded to support Sall as partial of an progressing agreement to support a claimant that reached a run off with Wade.

“If Sall wins, Seck will resume his pursuit as partial of a opposition,” Seydi said.

The conduct of a choosing elect pronounced that formula were expected to be expelled on Thursday, yet unaccepted formula will filter via a dusk over a airwaves from internal radio stations.

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