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Bubba Watson hits witness with bending drive

AVONDALE, La. (AP) — Masters champion Bubba Watson struck one of his fans in a conduct with a bending expostulate during Friday’s second turn of a Zurich Classic.

Watson’s tee shot on a second hole during a TPC Louisiana drew blood from a behind of Radd Leonard‘s head.

Leonard, who was reached fast by medics, pronounced he was excellent and found it implausible that he was strike in a conduct by a really actor he came to see. The 52-year-old motorcycle emporium owners from Baton Rouge also was blissful he was means to assistance Watson behind into a fairway, where a round landed after distinguished him.

“I saw it entrance and it looked like it was hooking right during me. we wanted to see that large hook, we know, and we got to see it. we incited and ducked and it still strike me,” Leonard said. “It gave him a good bounce, anyway.”

Watson walked over toward Leonard, put on a new golf glove, sealed it, afterwards took it off and gave it to Leonard and shook his hand. Watson’s caddie, Ted Scott, drew delight from a gallery when he instructively forked serve down a fairway and said, “We’re blissful you’re all right, though if we could only angle your conduct a small differently …”

Leonard laughed along, even as he hold a towel with ice to his conduct and remained kneeling on a corner of a fairway, his gray shirt stained with splotches of blood. He declined to go to initial assist and remained on a march after medics wrapped a gauze around his head. Officials gave him a new red Zurich Classic golf shirt and he kept a white towel over his conduct as he continued to follow Watson on a front nine.

“I’ll be all right,” Leonard said. “As prolonged as we didn’t black out, we figured all was OK.”

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