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Gunmen conflict towns in north Nigeria

Gunmen in Nigeria have killed during slightest 4 people, including a six-year-old girl, in separate attacks in towns in a country’s northeast.

The attacks on Monday, suspected to be related to a radical organisation Boko Haram, are a many new in a array of incidents in Nigeria’s excitable northeastern region.

The violence comes a day after two other explosions caused large repairs in a towns of Kaduna and Jos on Easter Sunday.

In a northeastern city of Potiskum on Monday, gunmen non-stop glow on a policeman and his family, murdering a officer’s six-year-old daughter, pronounced Toyin Gbadegeshin, the Yobe State military spokesman.

In a apart conflict progressing on Monday, gunmen killed a internal politician, military officer and municipal in a limit city of Dikwa in a northeast, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa said.

The enemy had targeted a military station, a bank and a hotel though were fast detered by army troops, Musa told a AFP news agency.


“Three Boko Haram terrorists were killed and many transient with bullet wounds,” Musa said, adding that “normalcy has been easy and a conditions is now underneath control”.

Gbadegeshin, a Yobe state spokesman, also blamed Boko Haram for a conflict in Potiskum.

The organisation has been waging an increasingly bloody quarrel with confidence agencies and a public.

The wave of new attacks has targeted a confidence services, other black of management and Christians.

Monday’s attacks follow an Easter Sunday self-murder bombing in a city of Kaduna, that conflict killed during slightest 36 people, and a second blast in a executive city of Jos that caused a array of injuries.

Suspicions also fell on Boko Haram for those attacks. The organisation has set off a array of bombs opposite Nigeria including one on Christmas Day final year.

More than 380 people have been killed in assault blamed on Boko Haram this year alone, according to an Associated Press count.

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