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Indian Ocean tsunami warning lifted

Indonesia, India and Thailand have downgraded tsunami alerts that had been issued following powerful earthquakes off a seashore of Indonesia’s Aceh province, call evacuations from coastal regions.

Wednesday’s first upheaval was measured at a bulk of 8.6, according to a US Geological Survey, that revised down an progressing 8.9 estimate.

“Sea turn readings now prove that a hazard has discontinued for many areas, therefore a tsunami watch released by this centre is now cancelled,” pronounced a US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii, that monitored currents in a Indian Ocean following a earthquakes.


A bulletin from a National Tsunami Early Warning Centre in a South Indian city of Hyderabad said: “The approaching duration of poignant tsunami waves is now over for all threatened Indian coastal areas.”

However, on a western side of a Indian Ocean there was still regard about probable tsunamis. Tanzania pronounced it approaching waves of adult to 1.5 metres to strike a seashore between 16:00GMT and 18:00GMT.

“There will expected be outrageous waves in a Indian Ocean. All fishermen and other vessels should keep off a sea,” Meteorological Agency executive Agness Kijazi told Reuters news agency.

“People should leave coastlines, generally in northern tools of a country.”

An central during a centre, SA Kishore, pronounced a top tsunami warning turn released for a Andaman and Nicobar islands in a Bay of Bengal had been downgraded from red to orange.

A few thousand people were evacuated to aloft belligerent from tools of India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands.

“There could be high waves of 1.5 metres during Port Blair and 3.9 metres during Campbell Bay,” pronounced Prabhakar Rao, a central in assign of a disaster control room during Port Blair, a categorical city on a islands.

‘Quite violent’

Small waves about half-a-metre high and within normal waves boundary had already cleared into a Campbell Bay area on a Great Nicobar island, a central said.

At slightest 3 tsunamis of adult to 80cm strike Indonesia’s seashore earlier, a country’s Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said.

A tiny tsunami measuring 10cm also reached Thailand’s Andaman Coast.

Phillip Charlesworth, conduct of a International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies commission in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, told Al Jazeera that a initial upheaval lasted for about 3 minutes.

“The jolt was utterly violent, from conversations with a staff,” he said.

“There appears to be no apparent damage. We positively don’t know what a charitable impact is as yet.

“There are no reports of any tsunamis entrance ashore, nonetheless internal authorities are holding prevision of evacuating coastal communities.”


There were several clever aftershocks, including one during a 8.2 bulk and the abyss of 10km.

“The movement continued for 4 minutes, and it was strong,” an AFP news group match in Banda Aceh, a provincial capital, said. “People are panicking and using outward their home and from buildings.”

Al Jazeera’s Aela Callan pronounced the tremors were also felt in Bangkok, where buildings swayed, though there were no reports of damage.

The initial upheaval had struck during a abyss of 33km, 495km from Banda Aceh.

People in Banda Aceh on a Indonesian island of Sumatra jumped into cars and a backs of motorcycles, clogging streets as they fled to high ground.

Al Jazeera’s Syarina Hasibuan, stating from Jakarta, said people panicked opposite a island of Sumatra, running out of buildings and entertainment in a streets.

“The trembler was felt all a approach to Padang, that is west Sumatra, and people ran out of buildings and there is unequivocally a lot of panic there,” he said.

People on Twitter pronounced tremors were felt in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India. High-rise apartments and offices on Malaysia’s west seashore shook for during slightest a minute.

In Sri Lanka, residents on a seashore were systematic to pierce internal to equivocate being strike by any immeasurable waves.

A supervision matter pronounced waves could strike a island’s eastern pier district of Trincomalee by about 10:40 GMT.

“There is a clever probability of a tsunami attack a island after a trembler in Indonesia,” meteorological dialect emissary executive MD Dayananda said.

He pronounced a upheaval in Indonesia was felt in Sri Lanka, that is 1,340km northwest from a plcae of a quake.

Residents fleeing

People nearby a seashore in 6 Thai provinces were systematic to pierce to aloft places and stay as distant divided as probable from a sea. The Phuket airport, located on a coastline, was closed.

Callan pronounced phone lines were tangled as people were checking on their desired ones right after a tsunami warning was issued.

She said warning signals had been listened in southern provinces.

“Thailand is utterly prepared for this. They reason drills frequently to be means to get tourists and residents to leave to aloft areas,” she said.

Indonesia straddles a array of error lines that creates a immeasurable island republic disposed to volcanic and seismic activity.

A 9.1-magnitude upheaval off a republic on Dec 26, 2004, triggered a tsunami in a Indian Ocean that killed 230,000 people, scarcely 3 entertain of them in Aceh.

Al Jazeera’s meteorologist Kevin Corriveau explained a disproportion between Wednesday’s trembler and that of 2004: “They were a same abyss though a 2004 upheaval was a subduction trembler – definition one image went underneath a other image – that afterwards pushed a lot of a H2O adult and out from a epicentre.

“This [in Aceh] is a plane plate. The disproportion is that a dual plates are slipping side by side, and not as most H2O is going to be displaced.

“Now that we are estimate a information we know that it is a opposite kind of image slippage, that is a small reduction deleterious hopefully than a prior one.”

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