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‘Lion King’ is Broadway’s all-time box bureau king

NEW YORK (AP) — Very quietly, roughly stealthily, a new aristocrat has been inaugurated on Broadway.

Box bureau sum to be expelled after Monday uncover that “The Lion King” final week swiped a pretension of Broadway’s all-time tip grossing uncover from “The Phantom of a Opera,” The Associated Press has learned.

The accumulative sum for “The Lion King” is $853,846,062, according to a show’s numbers. Its chandelier-swinging rival’s accumulative sum is $853,122,847, according to musical’s publicist. The “Lion King” surged past “Phantom” after concealment over $2 million during a box bureau for a week finale Sunday, while “Phantom” pulled in about $1.2 million.

What creates a feat all a some-more conspicuous is that “The Lion King” chased down and grabbed a pretension notwithstanding “Phantom” carrying roughly a full 10 years’ conduct start. The Disney uncover non-stop in Nov 1997, while “Phantom” debuted in Jan 1988. The upstart’s feat is due in vast partial to a aloft normal sheet prices and a somewhat incomparable theater.

“It doesn’t warn me,” pronounced Cary Ginell, a strain historian and biographer who edited a seventh book of “Broadway Musicals: Show By Show.” He compares “The Lion King” to a Disneyland ride.

“It’s a philharmonic that satisfies on many opposite feeling elements — audio, visually, emotionally. It’s also good for all ages — only like Disneyland is. For a kids, it’s a visible elements — a colors, a costumes and a puppetry. For a adults, it’s ‘Hamlet,’ basically. And a strain is not geared to one age or gender or race. It’s as concept a uncover can get.”

Disney Theatrical Productions was friendly when contacted about reaching a milestone, saluting “Phantom” strain author Andrew Lloyd Webber and “Phantom” writer Cameron Mackintosh, who also co-produced Disney’s strike “Mary Poppins,” and job their uncover “a tellurian materialisation of ancestral proportions.”

Thomas Schumacher, writer and boss of Disney Theatrical Productions, also gave credit to Julie Taymor, a director, dress and facade builder of “The Lion King.” ”Her vision, continued joining to a uncover and odd dexterity comment for this unusual success,” he pronounced in a statement.

“This fulfilment belongs to a audiences, millions of whom are experiencing their initial Broadway uncover during ‘The Lion King,'” Schumacher added. “Surely, introducing so many to a fame of live museum is a show’s biggest legacy.”

The Broadway League, a trade organisation that collects income from museum owners, has somewhat opposite numbers, putting a accumulative sum of “The Lion King” during $851,956,963 and “Phantom” during $851,859,966 as of Apr 1. Later Monday, they will recover numbers for a week of Apr 8. The League in 2009 altered a approach it calculates grosses, that competence explain a discrepancy. None of a sum are practiced for inflation.

To be sure, “Phantom,” now in a 24th year, is still a longest-running uncover in Broadway history, with some-more than 10,000 performances and it has sole many some-more tickets than a Disney opposition on a Great White Way, a towering 14.8 million so far.

In comparison, “The Lion King” looks like a pup: It is a sixth longest-running uncover on Broadway with over 5,900 performances over 14 years and has sole only over 10 million tickets.

“The Lion King” competence now have won on Broadway, though “Phantom” is still a juggernaut elsewhere. Its producers have even announced it a many successful party try of all time, with revenues aloft than any film, including “Titanic,” ”Star Wars” and “Avatar.”

The sum worldwide grosses for “Phantom” are estimated during over $5.6 billion, while a worldwide transport for “Lion” is $4.8 billion. “Phantom” has also been seen by 130 million people worldwide, while “Lion” puts a series during 64 million. Those gaps competence also close: “The Lion King” has 7 — shortly 8 — productions worldwide, while “Phantom” has 7 productions around a world: London, New York, Hungary, Japan, South Africa, Las Vegas and a UK tour.

Ginell points out that about 40 percent of “Phantom” tickets are sole to repeat customers, an intensely high number. Plus, 68 percent are women. “‘Phantom is kind of a live-action intrigue novel,” he said. “I consider that’s what’s attracting a outrageous commission of women to a show.”

H. Todd Freeman, clamp boss of operations during sheet attorney Applause Theatre Entertainment Service, Inc., pronounced a success of “The Lion King” is due to a family draw, large visuals and sheet prices that were double those for “Phantom” when it started.

Both shows now use reward pricing — charity deep-pocketed theatergoers a best seats for a large symbol up. Even so, “The Lion King” still commands a aloft normal sheet cost and shows no signs of softening.

“Will it make 25? we don’t know,” pronounced Freeman, who admits he never suspicion opposition “Phantom” would final this long. “It binds adult flattering good all year prolonged though a times when it is a strongest is a Christmas breaks, a Easter breaks, a Spring breaks and a summertime.”

The dual share some attributes: Both have low-pitched giants behind them: “Phantom” has songs by Lloyd Webber and is destined by Harold Prince, while “The Lion King” facilities strain by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice and a prophesy of Taymor.

Both have mixed Tony Awards, film tie-ins, simple-to-understand stories and are eyeglasses — critical for attracting tourists whose authority of English competence be weak. Both are not contingent on carrying stars on stage. And both call home in similar-sized theaters, “Phantom” during a 1,605-seat Majestic and “Lion” during a 1,677-seat Minskoff.

The staying energy of any is remarkable. Over their initial 750 personification weeks — that “The Lion King” has recently reached — they’ve played to roughly a same series of people: “The Lion King” during 10,092,235 and “Phantom” during 9,241,333.

Most shows that have achieved a developed aged age never seem in a tip 10 by this indicate in their ages, though both “Lion” and “Phantom” are still customarily among a tip earners, week in and week out. On a other side of a ledger, over 500 shows have non-stop and sealed on Broadway during lifetime of “The Lion King.”

Ginell tips his top to a new box bureau aristocrat and doesn’t see a time shortly when it abandons a kingdom. “‘Lion King‘ is a ideal family low-pitched and we consider it always will be as prolonged as losses don’t go so distant adult that they won’t be means to means to put it on anymore.”



“The Lion King”: http://www.lionking.com

“Phantom of a Opera”: http://www.thephantomoftheopera.com


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