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Mass land invasions in Honduras

Honduran soldiers on unit on 19 Aug 2011Police and infantry have been struggling to control land brawl in Honduras

Thousands of farming workers in Honduras have assigned land as partial of a brawl with vast landowners and a government.

The concurrent invasions took place in several locations opposite a country, activists and officials say.

Farmers groups contend a areas taken over are open lands where bad farmers have a right to grow food underneath Honduran law.

The supervision pronounced a seizures were bootleg and targeted private holdings.

The executive of a National Agrarian Institute, Pedro Ham, pronounced a concurrent occupations were politically encouraged and directed during destabilising a supervision of President Porfirio Lobo.

Violent disputes over farmland are common in Honduras, with dozens of farming workers killed in new years.

Organisations representing farming workers contend unbroken governments have unsuccessful to do promises to discharge farmland regulating agrarian remodel legislation.

They also credit a authorities of behaving in a interests of vast landowners.

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