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New sex explain hits Secret Service

Secret Service travel behind Air Force One 25 Apr 2012Secret Service agents yield insurance for a boss and other open figures

The US Secret Service says it is questioning allegations that some of a agents paid for strippers and prostitutes in El Salvador.

An allege presidential confidence group is reported to have paid for passionate favours in a frame bar in 2011.

Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings pronounced a Secret Service executive had not nonetheless found anything “credible”.

The allegations come in a arise of a sex liaison involving Secret Service and troops crew in Colombia.

Eight US agents have left a use over a Colombia allegations, in that Americans were found with as many as 20 women, suspicion to be prostitutes, during a Cartagena hotel.

The agents were partial of a group scheming for a revisit by Mr Obama to a Summit of a Americas progressing this month.

Another 12 troops crew are also underneath review and have had their confidence clearway revoked.


Mr Cummings, a tip Democrat on a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spoke to Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan by phone on Thursday as a latest allegations emerged, he told reporters.

Hotel Caribe, Cartagena, ColombiaThe night during a Cartagena hotel became open after a quarrel over money

“[The director] had not found anything credible, though he’s still looking into it,” Mr Cummings said.

Secret Service orator Edwin Donovan used identical language, revelation a Associated Press: “Any information brought to a courtesy that can be assessed as convincing will be followed adult on in an suitable manner.”

US state dialect mouthpiece Victoria Nuland also reliable that her group is looking into a El Salvador story, reported by Seattle-based TV hire KIRO-TV.

The news enclosed allegations that US embassy officials also visited a frame club.

“Obviously, we will scrutinise of a embassy in San Salvador with courtesy to a control of a possess employees,” Ms Nuland said. “But a essay alleges that they attended a establishment, not that they intent in any bootleg or illegal conduct.”

Senator Joseph Lieberman pronounced on Thursday that he was unhappy to hear new allegations, and skeleton to reason hearings into either a reports prove a settlement of behaviour.

“I keep using into people who contend they have talked to agents who tell them of bungle of this kind over a years,” Mr Lieberman said.

In testimony to a Senate row on Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano pronounced President Barack Obama’s reserve had not been during risk, though that a bungle was “inexcusable”.

On Thursday, US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee told CNN that a Secret Service was formulation order changes in response to a Colombia scandal.

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