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Pakistan justice sentences bin Laden wives

Osama Bin Laden, ex-al-Qaeda chief, was found and killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 [Reuters]

A Pakistani justice has condemned Osama bin Laden’s 3 widows and dual of his daughters to a month and a half in jail for bootleg residency.

The justice on Monday also systematic a supervision to arrange a repatriation of a wives.

“The decider has announced a one-and-a-half month seizure to all a 5 accused. The punishment was announced today. He has also imposed a excellent of 10,000 rupees,” Zakarya Ahmad Abd al-Fattah, a Yemeni hermit of one of a wives, told reporters.

“The justice has also given instruction to a supervision to arrange a required papers for their beginning repatriation, so that they can go to their possess nation as shortly as possible,” Fattah told reporters.

Muhammad Aamir, their lawyer, pronounced a duration of apprehension began on Mar 3, when they were rigourously arrested on charges of bootleg entrance and residency in Pakistan and that they would continue to be hold during their villa in Islamabad.

“The interior secretary has been destined to arrange their deportation,” Aamir told reporters outward a villa, that officials have announced a “sub jail”.

“I consider it will be finished substantially in dual weeks,” he said.

Bin Laden’s dual Saudi and one Yemeni widows, together with their children, have been vital underneath a insurance of a authorities in Pakistan given he was killed final year.

Bin Laden, a personality of al-Qaeda, was in stealing given a Sep 11 attacks on a United States.

He was killed on May 2 in a tip raid by US special army when he was found to be stealing out in a Pakistani castle city of Abbottabad.

Bin Laden’s wives, and an undisclosed series of children, were among a 16 people incarcerated by Pakistani authorities after a raid.

A Pakistani elect has interviewed a family members for clues about how a former al-Qaeda arch managed to stay in a nation undetected.

The nation has always pronounced it would demeanour after bin Laden’s family until they could be repatriated to their homelands.

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