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PG&E Announces New Green Energy Program to Give Electric Customers More …

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 24, 2012 /PRNewswire around COMTEX/ —
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE) pronounced currently that it has asked state regulators for accede to offer a new purify appetite module that will give electric business an event to support 100 percent renewable appetite for an normal of a few dollars a month. PGE is proposing a “Green Option” in response to requests from customers, inaugurated officials, and a environmental village for some-more ways to foster renewable energy.

“On seductiveness of a customers, PGE is already one of a largest suppliers of renewable appetite in a country,” pronounced Helen Burt, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of PGE. “We have listened from many of a customers, however, who wish to do even some-more to support purify appetite and a immature economy. Our Green Option, corroborated by an eccentric third-party’s environmental certification, will give them that choice.”

PGE currently offers some of a cleanest appetite in a United States. More than 50 percent of a electricity comes from sources that are renewable or giveaway of hothouse gas emissions.

Elected leaders from around PGE’s use territory, including a cities of Berkeley, Carmel, Davis, Hayward, Napa, and San Jose, support a due module and devise to combine with PGE to make a module a success. (See statements appended below.)

“Berkeley adopted assertive goals to revoke hothouse gas emissions and is implementing forward-thinking strategies to revoke appetite use and boost a turn of renewable appetite sources accessible to a residents,” pronounced Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates. “PGE’s Green Option module is a profitable further to a menu of equipment that residents can cruise in a office of providing some-more renewable appetite to offer a community.”

PGE’s beginning also has support from environmental organizations such as a Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense Fund. “This module gives any PGE patron an additional apparatus to assistance strengthen a sourroundings by investing in purify sources of energy,” pronounced Peter Miller, a comparison scientist with a Natural Resources Defense Council. “We’re gay to see PGE take care and emanate a consumer-driven module that’s a win-win for Californians and a environment.”

PGE will buy renewable appetite certificates to compare a apportionment of any participating electric customer’s appetite that is not already lonesome by PGE’s authorised renewable appetite deliveries. These certificates paint explanation that specific quantities of electricity were generated from renewable sources such as breeze and solar. PGE will take stairs to plead a Green Option by Green-e Energy, a module of a non-profit Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco. It is a heading certifier of intentional renewable appetite programs in a United States.

The Green Option will let business support 100 percent renewable appetite for a medium premium, identical to what other utilities assign for such intentional programs. PGE expects that participating residential business will compensate on normal about $6.00 any month. Program costs will be borne usually by business who proffer to participate. Customers might join or leave a module during any time.

PGE is seeking a California Public Utilities Commission to approve a Green Option by early 2013.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a auxiliary of PGE Corporation

/quotes/zigman/171662/quotes/nls/pcg PCG

, is one of a largest total healthy gas and electric utilities in a United States. Based in San Francisco, with 20,000 employees, a association delivers some of a nation’s cleanest appetite to 15 million people in Northern and Central California. For some-more information, visit
http://www.pge.com/about/newsroom/ and
www.pgecurrents.com .

Additional Statements of Support for PGE’s Green Option

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed: “In 2007, San Jose upheld a Green Vision with a idea of removing 100 percent of a appetite from renewable sources. PGE’s Green Option will assistance us grasp that goal.”

Davis Mayor Joe Krovoza: “The PGE Green Option will commission adults to attend in California’s low-carbon appetite future. Consumer rendezvous in renewable appetite moves us one step closer to stabilizing a Earth’s climate–which will need an 80 percent rebate in CO emissions by 2050. Consumer investment in purify appetite reserve will accelerate their seductiveness in a equally critical need for direct rebate and a altogether fit use of a singular low-carbon appetite supplies.”

Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney: “As a City, we wish as many immature appetite as probable for a possess use. The Green Option module provides a City of Hayward another choice in posterior a idea of 100 percent purify appetite but requiring vital infrastructure costs. The Green Option also increases choices for a residents to accept immature appetite in an affordable and available way.”

Carmel-by-the-Sea Mayor Jason Burnett: “Carmel residents live in one of a many pleasing cities in California and are observant in their efforts to strengthen a environment, foster renewable appetite and support a purify appetite future. PGE is now providing them with a good new choice to assistance them do only that.”

Napa Mayor Jill Techel: “The City of Napa and a residents have appetite needs and final that change greatly. That’s because we am vehement to learn that PGE skeleton on seeking capitulation for a new ‘Green Option’ that will concede particular business to select a immature appetite devise that best fits their particular needs. . . Over time, we trust this module will assistance to emanate a marketplace for renewable appetite on a extended scale. PGE’s preference to deliver such a module to residents in Napa is a choice we would like Napans to have.”

Environmental Defense Fund Director of Congressional Affairs Elizabeth Thompson: “The new Green Option module being due by Pacific Gas and Electric Company is a kind of partnership we need to strengthen a sourroundings and to jumpstart a cleaner economy. By giving 15 million Californians a possibility to ascent to a greener appetite brew a module has a intensity to make a disproportion both in safeguarding a sourroundings and in formulating purify appetite jobs by augmenting informal direct for renewable appetite sources.”

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