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Rockstar animator points to Oct launch for GTA V

We initial started conference rumors about GTA V impending execution behind in July final year, though it took until Oct for Rockstar Games to officially announce a game. At a time, no recover date was given, though a developer did follow adult a proclamation a few days after by releasing a initial trailer.

We still don’t have a recover date, though new justification has seemed indicating to an Oct 2012 launch. That justification comes in a form of a resume and LinkedIn form for Rockstar North animator Alex O’Dwyer. The resume has given left and LinkedIn form updated, though not before a GTA V information had been logged.

According to O’Dwyer, GTA V will land in stores in Oct this year. He also lists it as a PS3, Xbox 360, and PC launch, though we doubt really most a PC chronicle will be a same day launch. Historically there has been several months between a console and PC recover of a Grand Theft Auto game. Could that be opposite this time around?

The complicated GTA series, that we category as starting with GTA III, has typically seen a recover function on consoles in October. The difference to that order is GTA IV, that arrived in Apr 2008. Even so, it has been 4 years given that release, and I’m certain Rockstar would cite to strike a categorical games offered duration of a year in a run adult to a holidays.

If an Oct recover turns out to be true, I’d design a few high form games to pull their recover behind to early 2013, or try to launch a few weeks before GTA V arrives.

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