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Saudi recalls ambassador, shuts embassy in Egypt

Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:47am EDT

DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia pronounced on Saturday it had removed a envoy from Egypt “for consultations” and sealed a embassy and consulates in a nation for confidence reasons after protests opposite a kingdom’s detain of an Egyptian lawyer.

It was a initial open detonation between a dual vital Arab states given final year’s renouned overthrow in Egypt that forced Hosni Mubarak, a tighten fan of Riyadh, from power.

The conduct of Egypt’s statute troops council, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, pronounced in a matter reported by Egypt’s state media he was operative to “heal a rift” with Saudi Arabia and had contacted Riyadh over a “surprise decision”.

Demonstrations outward a Saudi embassy in Cairo had grown in new days over a detain of Ahmed El-Gezawi on his attainment during Jeddah airfield on Apr 17.

Saudi Arabia’s central SPA news group quoted an unclear source as observant a protests were undue and that attempts had been done to charge a embassy, melancholy a reserve of a employees.

On Friday around 1,000 protesters demonstrated outward a mission, perfectionist a recover of Gezawi and other Egyptians reason in Saudi jails, witnesses said.

“Oh Saudi ambassador, we will respond to each lash with a hundred!” they chanted, some of them display their annoy by stealing their boots and fluttering them during a building – a gesticulate deeply scornful in Islamic culture.

Egypt’s unfamiliar method bemoaned “irresponsible actions” by protesters during a embassy and pronounced they were during contingency with “deeply secure Egyptian-Saudi ties”.

Activists in Cairo, including Gezawi’s wife, pronounced early in a week that a counsel was incarcerated when he arrived for event after being condemned in absentia to a year in jail and 20 lashes for scornful King Abdullah.

The Saudi embassy on Tuesday denied that chronicle of events and pronounced he had been arrested for possession of some-more than 21,000 pills of a stress drug Xanax, that is criminialized in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi daily Okaz reported on Saturday that he had smuggled a pills inside bottles of tot divert regulation and boxes dictated to reason a Koran. It pronounced a box had been referred to a kingdom’s charge service.

A source in a Egyptian unfamiliar method in a statement: “Egypt condemns particular actions undertaken by some adults towards a embassy of a embassy of sisterly Saudi Arabia, and that do not demonstrate anything other than a opinion of a people who undertook them. The Egyptian supervision has all adore and honour for Saudi as a supervision and people.”

It added: “The Egyptian supervision condemns these insane actions that mistreat a deeply-rooted Egyptian-Saudi ties.”

(Reporting by Rania El Gamal in Dubai, Angus McDowall in London and Thomas Perry in Cairo; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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