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Syria fighting casts shade over UN mission

Security forces are locked in extreme battles with opposition fighters in one Syrian city and have been shelling another, activists say.

Monday’s reports came as a handful of UN monitors entrusted with overseeing a ceasefire were due to start work.

President Bashar al-Assad’s army killed dual civilians in a executive city of Hama, and were fighting rebels in Idlib in a northwest, while also shelling a flashpoint city of Homs, a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an antithesis network, said.


At slightest 41 people, mostly civilians, have been reported killed by activists in assault given a UN-backed ceasefire came into outcome on Thursday morning, call Ban Ki-moon, a UN secretary-general, to titillate Syria to safeguard a ceasefire does not collapse.

An allege organisation of five general observers arrived in Damascus late on Sunday, a UN said.

The conduct of a team, Colonel Ahmad Himmiche from Morocco, pronounced he was confident a goal would succeed.

“We will start a goal as shortly as probable and we wish it will be a success,” he told a Associated Press news agency as he left a Damascus hotel along with a observers on Monday morning.

Ground manners discussed

Annan’s orator pronounced a monitors’ team met Syrian unfamiliar method officials on Monday to plead belligerent rules, including what leisure of transformation they would have.

The delegation, a initial of 30 monitors a UN Security Council authorized on Saturday, will set adult domicile and ready routines so a goal can determine that a relinquishment of hostilities is holding.

Ban has urged the Syrian supervision to grant a UN observers full leisure of transformation to guard a ceasefire.

Syrian authorities have pronounced they can't pledge a reserve of a observers and that they would have to be sensitive of all movements of UN teams to assure their safety.

Activists contend a army appears to be on a lift to take control of final opposition-held districts in Homs [YouTube]

Kieran Dwyer, a UN peacekeeping dialect spokesperson, pronounced serve monitors would arrive in Syria in “coming days”.

The subsequent 25 would come from missions around a Middle East and Africa “so we can pierce people fast and they are gifted in a region,” he told a AFP news agency.

Kofi Annan, a general peace envoy who negotiated a ceasefire, wants some-more than 200 observers to be deployed in Syria.

But a Security Council has pronounced there would usually be a full goal if a assault came to a halt.

Syria’s SANA state news organisation pronounced Syria “welcomed” a spectator mission, and hoped a monitors would see for themselves a “crimes” committed by “armed militant groups”.

The Security Council has demanded full leisure of transformation for a UN team, though critics of Syria contend a supervision could hinder a work.

The emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, vocalization in Rome on Monday, criticised a assent devise and a UN goal to Syria, observant both had slim chances of succeeding.

He pronounced defending a antithesis was a improved option.

The disaster of an Arab League spectator goal progressing this year was blamed in partial on government restrictions imposed on a observers, including carrying to transport with supervision minders.

‘Non-stop shelling’

On a belligerent in Syria, there seemed to be no let-up in a violence. Tarek Badrakhan, an romantic from a smashed and roughly forlorn Homs district of al-Khalidiya, pronounced a supervision had resumed a heated barrage of a community early on Monday for a third uninterrupted day.

“The shelling hasn’t stopped for one notation given this morning. There are buildings on glow right now,” he said via Skype.

Badrakhan and other activists pronounced a army seemed to be on a lift to take control of a final opposition-held districts in Homs, and was pulsation al-Khaldiya from 3 sides.

He pronounced half of a circuitously district of al-Bayada fell underneath a army’s control on Sunday night. Troops were perplexing to charge al-Qarabis and Jurat al-Shayah though a insurgent Free Syria Army (FSA) was repulsion them, he said, referring to a organisation of armed antithesis fighters and defectors from a Syrian army.

“We wish that a observers would come to Homs as shortly as probable given if things go on like this, there won’t be anything left called Homs,” Badrakhan said.

Both the Local Co-ordination Committees, an activists’ network, and a SOHR reliable a heated shelling of Homs and a dual deaths in a city of Hama on Monday.

Continuing assaults apparently perpetrated by Syrian supervision army have lifted doubts over Assad’s joining to a Annan assent plan.

“I have never seen a supervision that sends armoured vehicles to understanding with armed gangs,” Louay Safi, a member of a Syrian National Council, told Al Jazeera.

“I consider a usually thing during this indicate that will finish [this violence] is to inject some arrange of threat, or to change a change of energy on a ground.”

While Syrian army have mostly halted shelling of rebel-held neighbourhoods, with a difference of Homs they have abandoned calls to lift infantry out of civic centres.

The UN estimates that some-more than 9,000 people have been killed in assault associated to a overthrow opposite Assad’s supervision given protests began in Mar 2011.

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