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Zimmerman lawyers repel from Fla. sharpened case

Update [5:50pm ET]: This story will be updated as new events unfold

  • Zimmerman’s attorneys announced they have “lost contact” with Zimmerman and are withdrawing as counsel
  • Attorneys contend they still trust former customer is trusting and acted in self-defense
  • Engage in exhilarated contention with a press, contend Zimmerman is “victim” of press attacks

In a rarely quarrelsome press conference, attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig announced they have cold as warn for George Zimmerman, who stays underneath heated inspection for a murdering of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

“It’s no so most that we are resigning. It’s that we can't continue to paint him until he comes forward,” pronounced profession Craig Sonner.

Sonner and Uhrig contend they have been incompetent to hit Zimmerman given Sunday, when he stopped returning their phone calls.

“He’s not returning my messages not returning my texts not returning my emails. He won’t even give me a collect call,” Sonner said.

However, both attorneys pronounced they would be peaceful to resume their illustration of Zimmerman if he contacts them directly.

“He’s got to strech out to us,” combined co-counsel Hal Uhrig.

The press discussion than took an surprising twist, with Uhrig radically perplexing a box before a collected members of a press. Both attorneys stressed that they continue to trust Zimmerman acted in self-defense, while Uhrig criticized both a press and Martin himself.

Going after a press directly, Uhrig said, “If we don’t trust this has been crouched in secular terms, you’re not examination a same media, a same TV, reading a same blogs.” In an hapless choice of words, Uhrig added,  “I’m holding a shot during a press when we contend this.”

Uhrig afterwards destined critique during a now-deceased Martin, alleging that his possess actions were to censure for Zimmerman sharpened him.

“Whoever motionless to spin it from a fight of difference into a fight of fists does so during their possess peril,” Uhrig said. “We honestly trust a scold preference will be to not assign him [Zimmerman],” Uhrig said.

“The initial chairman that swung, as distant as we can tell, was Trayvon Martin,” Uhrig said. “The crime was battery opposite George Zimmerman.”

“People are saying, how can we fire an unarmed man? You know what, an unarmed male can kill we if he keeps doing what he’s doing,” Uhrig said. “I don’t caring what one questioner thought. They’re mostly wrong.”

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The attorneys contend they know of Zimmerman’s plcae and have entrance to his personal phone number. “We’ve been means to hoop a box by phone adult this point,” Sonner said. “But there were face-t0-face assembly scheduled.”

Attempting to clear operative on a box though direct, earthy entrance to their former client, Uhrig said, “George can’t go out and buy a Diet Coke. There’s a annuity on his head.”

Both attorneys regularly refused to exhibit Zimmerman’s plcae though hidden that he is no longer in Florida. “You can stop looking in Florida. Look most serve divided than that,” Uhrig said.

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