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Facebook might be concerned in talks to acquire Opera

With billions of IPO dollars clogging adult corporate coffers, Facebook competence be scheming to go on a bit of a selling spree. One probable target: Opera.

With hundreds of millions of users using a Opera browser on dozens of opposite devices, there’s positively copiousness of inducement for Facebook to during slightest hit on a doorway in Oslo. While we competence consider a opposite browser would be a improved fit during initial peek — say, a uber-social Rockmelt — Opera offers a few additional goodies that make it a some-more interesting target.

First off, they’re in a mobile promotion game. Earlier this year, Opera picked adult 4th Screen Advertising and Mobile Theory. Mobile Theory alone serves adult some-more than dual billion ad impressions per month, and 4th Screen depends sites like MTV and IMDB among a clients. Facebook would adore to get their hands on additional mobile ad revenue, and Opera can positively yield that.

Opera’s also got that sharp Turbo system, that they precedence to broach highly-compressed versions of web pages to their users. Turbo could also assistance Facebook offer adult a faster, some-more fit mobile knowledge to users — and vital mobile improvements are something that they really have on their radar.

Snatching adult desktop and mobile browsers would also give Facebook a approach to accumulate delicious, tasty analytics about millions of web users even if they never record into a site. They’ve also got an huge serf assembly they can offer a improved browsing knowledge to, only like Google does — and we improved trust they will if they do finish adult shopping Opera.

Data and promotion income for Facebook and a potentially large boost to Opera’s user base. Sounds like a win-win situation, during slightest from a business standpoint.

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