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Feeling insecure? There’s now an easy button for total data annihilation

Oh, the joys of personal data destruction! Hackers may love to try and poke around and grab at your data (and often do), but you may be able to have the last laugh, after all.

Like an “Easy Button” from one of those forever-annoying Staples’ commercials, RunCore’s InVincible SSD promises you the ability to destroy all your data with a single click.

Your peronally-identifiable information or insanely confidential company date was devilishly fiended away? Don’t worry; Be happy, says Chinese-based RunCore. An easy click will do one of two very sneaky things: It will either turn all your data in to meaningless, garbled code (the “intelligent destruction” option using the green button), or a different click will zap that SATA SSD in to oblivion by overcurrent rendering it dead, man (the “physical destruction” red button option).

Don’t believe it? Check out the video, where you will quickly notice one of the key target audiences for RunCore are armed forces all over the world (though given RunCore’s red, white, and blue flag-like logo, perhaps only one major military with a huge budget comes to mind).

It is particularly fun to watch the host of the video explain how she needs to step back a little right before she engages the red button or as she calls it “the dangerous part.” See the smoke.

“It must be really hot,” says our under-excited host. “Wow. This is really the ultimate destruction… You can see all components including the chips are burned and cracked and I don’t think it’s gonna work again. Not to mention if anyone can get any information from it.”

Other key features of this SATA II solid state drive: It boasts “Superb Ultimate” temperature ranges from -45 degrees Celsius to +95 degrees Celsius, that is, if you decide not to wipe it out by shock treatment.

Runcore SSD

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