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Geek deals: 50% off Zeemote smartphone joysticks

Joystick for Smartphones

Complex games are kind of repulsive on a touchscreen. There’s not unequivocally a good approach to play games that need a D-Pad or a joystick with only your thumbs and a screen. In a universe where people have been famous to play controllers by televisions when “the controller messes up”, it’s substantially a good thought to mislay video diversion associated disappointment from your underling $600 phone.

Recently, we took a demeanour during some of a best new phone accessories for underneath $30, and a Zeemote joystick was one of my favorites. Now, for Memorial Day weekend, Zeemote is charity their Bluetooth smartphone joystick for 50% off on Amazon.

Zeemote’s SDK emables developers to supplement Zeemote support to their games, and some-more diversion developers are doing so each week. Zeemote’s now upheld diversion catalog on Android is different and entertaining, though it doesn’t utterly work on all we would wish to play only yet. Most recently, a Android favorite SpeedX3D combined Zeemote support, that done a diversion significantly some-more beguiling for me than a accelerometer character navigation.

The Zeemote is impossibly elementary to use, light adequate that we can slip it into your slot or backpack, and a replaceable battery inside lasts for good over 50 hours of gameplay. If we are a fan of classical arcade games, shooters, or aerial fight games on your phone, a Zeemote will make a diversion so most some-more fun.

You can squeeze one or some-more of these small controllers until Monday regulating a promo formula “JS1MDE12″. A discerning look over during Amazon.com also only forked out to me that there seem to be less than 20 remaining for purchase, so be discerning if we wish one.

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