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PNM files renewable appetite devise with regulators

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico’s largest electric application has due adding some-more renewable appetite to a portfolio over a subsequent dual years, though a changes could lead to aloft electric bills for customers.

Public Service Company of New Mexico, a section of PNM Resources Inc., submitted a annual renewable appetite devise to a Public Regulation Commission on Monday.

It calls for boosting solar ability by another 20 megawatts by adding panels to existent solar arrays in Deming, Alamogordo and Los Lunas. It also seeks to squeeze geothermal appetite from a designed 10-megawatt trickery in southwestern New Mexico.

Under a plan, PNM would also continue a module for business who wish to implement solar panels on their rooftops. Nine megawatts of solar ability would be set aside for a patron program, that would continue by 2016 if authorized by regulators.

Ron Darnell, PNM’s comparison clamp boss of open policy, pronounced a devise involves a mix of opposite era resources.

“We’ve taken submit from a solar village and others as we prepared this offer since we know how vicious a customer-installed module has been to solar businesses in New Mexico,” he pronounced in a statement.

He pronounced a renewable appetite devise also takes into care resources a application will be adding in 2015 and beyond.

If approved, a devise will position PNM to accommodate New Mexico’s renewable appetite customary when it jumps from 10 to 15 percent in 2015, Darnell said.

Environmentalists have been vicious of PNM, observant a application has not invested adequate in renewable energy, a explain PNM disputes.

Much of a brawl centers around PNM’s coal-fired appetite plant in northwestern New Mexico. Environmentalists protest a plant is pumping out too most pollution, while PNM argues that emissions upgrades in new years have reduced wickedness and that a plant provides a reliable, careful source of electricity for some-more than 2 million business in a Southwest.

PNM pronounced some hoary fuel costs would be equivalent by adding renewable energy. Still, a cost for business of complying with state mandates in 2013 is estimated during some-more than $19 million.

Costs for renewable appetite procurements done in 2011 and 2012 have nonetheless to strike patron bills. PNM pronounced a normal patron could see an boost of about $1.40 as early as August.

As for a customer-owned solar program, a cost PNM would compensate business for renewable appetite credits, or RECs, compared with a electricity generated by their solar panels would dump by a half-cent each 6 months for smaller systems and 5 cents for incomparable systems to a building of 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Customers would have eight-year contracts to attend and would continue to advantage from net-metering.

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