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Security Council debates response to Houla

The UN Security Council has met to plead a new electrocute in a Syrian city of Houla, in that a UN says during slightest 108 people, including many children, were killed.

The UN has blamed Saturday’s dispute on Syrian supervision forces firing artillery and tank shells during a residential area, but Damascus says the deaths were due to a insurgent attack.


The meeting, that began on Sunday during 18:30 GMT, came after Britain and France due a matter condemning a massacre.

A comparison Russian diplomat has also said the murdering “deserves condemnation” though that it was too early to contend who was to blame.

“The comfortless events in Syria and a deaths of tens of people merit condemnation. However it is required to severely inspect a causes of what happened,” Gennady Gatilov, Russia’s emissary unfamiliar minister, said on Twitter.

“Let’s wait for a design evaluations of a UN mission,” he said.

Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey, stating from UN domicile in New York, pronounced that a concept response there was that a killings in Houla merit a defamation of a Security Council, though combined that “the demon is in a details”.

“Exactly who to condemn, and how to reject them, stays open to debate,” a match said.

The Syrian supervision has blamed “terrorists” for a killings on Friday and Saturday. Spokesman Jihad Makdissi pronounced Damascus had non-stop an review and formula were approaching within 3 days.

“Not one Syrian tank went in” to Houla, Makdissi said.

Russian doubts

Gatilov’s remarks suggested Russia, that has corroborated Assad with weapons reserve and vetoes in a Security Council, was seeking to expel doubt on accounts a supervision was to blame.

“There is information that a inlet of a wounds perceived by many of those who died are not a outcome of shelling,” he said.

Opposition activists pronounced Assad’s army shelled Houla after a criticism and afterwards clashed with fighters from a Sunni Muslim-led insurgency.

Bassam Imadi, a member of a Syrian National Council and before Syria’s attach� to Sweden, told Al Jazeera that he feared a spate of punish killings would thrust a nation into offer conflict.

“What we are fearful of is that those people on a belligerent will try to urge themselves, and maybe … that people who are massacred, their relatives, their people, will ask for probity and maybe punish in a future. This competence lead to a kind of dispute between people who are beside any other,” Imadi said.

He urged a UN to “go beyond” arising statements and to “do something effectively on a belligerent to stop such massacres”.

Activists contend Assad’s “shabiha” militia, constant to an investiture dominated by members of a minority Alawite sect, afterwards hacked dozens of a victims to death, or shot them.

Russia blames armed opponents of Assad’s supervision for many of a assault that has persisted given a UN-backed ceasefire took outcome on Apr 12, and says they are receiving unfamiliar subsidy and arms.

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, assimilated Arab League-UN attach� Kofi Annan in releasing a statement condemning the massacre.

“This abominable and heartless crime, involving unenlightened and jagged use of force, is a extreme defilement of general law,” the dual officials wrote.

The White House pronounced on Sunday it was frightened by a reports of heartless attacks in Houla, job a acts offer justification of an evil and deceptive Syrian government.

“These acts offer as a sinister covenant to an deceptive regime that responds to pacific domestic criticism with accursed and evil brutality,” a White House orator said.

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