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Texas Attorney General Takes on State Farm Non-Renewal Plans

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is holding emanate with one of a nation’s largest homeowners insurer’s devise to non-renew thousands of policies for properties along a Gulf Coast.

Abbott pronounced his bureau is conducting an review into State Farm Insurance Co.’s offer to repudiate renewed coverage on some-more than 11,000 policies of Gulf Coast Texans.

“The largest issuer of homeowners word in Texas has filed a lawsuit in an try to forestall a Attorney General’s Office from questioning a non-renewal of thousands of residential skill word policies along a Gulf Coast,” Attorney General Abbott pronounced in an proclamation expelled by his office. “Given a series of Texans that are affected, we wish to safeguard that State Farm complies with a law. If State Farm has not finished anything wrong, it’s positively extraordinary that they would go to justice only to equivocate a State’s subpoenas.”

In mid-April a Attorney General’s Office sent polite inquisitive final — a form of polite summons — to State Farm Lloyds of Texas seeking information about a company’s preference not to replenish a coastal policies.

State Farm subsequently filed a lawsuit opposite a AG’s bureau in an try to cgange or set aside a AG’s ask for information. In a filing, State Farm indicated Abbot had demanded 22 “separate categories of information, involving potentially thousands of pages of documents” to be constructed in a week’s time.

While a AG’s bureau asserted that State Farm’s lawsuit was an “effort to equivocate a requirement to yield a information requested by a State,” a association countered that a filing was an bid to “preserve a rights.”

State Farm indicated that it told a AG’s bureau before filing a lawsuit, and that a association dictated to concur and would not go brazen with a lawsuit “unless and until it becomes necessary.”

State Farm open affairs deputy Patti Kelly reliable that a non-renewal of around 11,000 Texas coastal policies began on May 1

As to a profession general’s actions, Kelly pronounced a association could not criticism as a matter is in litigation. “However, we have filed fit in an bid to strengthen a authorised rights,” Kelly told Insurance Journal.

Kelly pronounced a association is auxiliary with TDI on a marketplace control examination of State Farm’s non-renewal activity on a coast.

“The impacted counties are Galveston, Brazoria, Jefferson, Orange and Chambers,” she said. “Even with these changes, State Farm has some-more policies in coastal counties than any other private insurer. In fact, we offer some-more business via all tools of Texas than any other word provider — display a joining to a state that no other conduit can match.”

In a lawsuit filed opposite a AG’s office, State Farm settled that in Dec 2011, it supposing TDI with “underwriting discipline for skill word that mutated a eligibility mandate for new business along a Coast.”

State regulators were also “provided additional requested information – before to implementation,” Kelly said

TDI eventually “determined a discipline complied with state law,” State Farm’s lawsuit states.

However, when a association sensitive regulators in 2012 that it dictated to non-renew some 11,300 business — both residential and blurb — along a seashore “consistent with a eligibility mandate for new business” contained in a formerly filed underwriting guidelines, TDI non-stop an investigation.

That review is ongoing, according to a company’s lawsuit.

Kelly pronounced that while a association is committed to safeguarding a Texas homeowners customers, “we contingency find a suitable change between exposure, a resources accessible to say a peculiarity turn of service, and a ability to accommodate a financial obligations. We use minute models to safeguard we have a resources in place to accommodate all a promises we make to policyholders in Texas.”


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