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Ugandan army constraint pivotal Kony ally

Ugandan army have prisoner one of a Lord’s Resistance Army’s 5 many wanted leaders in an operation that analysts pronounced had struck a critical blow opposite Joseph Kony, a fugitive LRA personality indicted of fight crimes.

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) pronounced on Sunday that Caesar Achellam, a vital ubiquitous in Kony’s outfit of about 200 fighters, was captured in an waylay on Saturday along a banks of a River Mbou in beside Central African Republic (CAR).

They pronounced Achellam had been armed with only an AK-47 purloin and 8 rounds of ammunition. He was being hold with his wife, a immature daughter and a helper.

The army, that has a force sport for Kony full-time in a jungles of CAR, corroborated by US troops, pronounced a constraint of Achellam would inspire other fighters to desert a LRA.

“The detain of Major General Caesar Achellam is large swell since he is a large fish. His constraint is really going to means an opinion change within LRA,” pronounced Felix Kulaigye, a UPDF spokesman.

Soldiers’ ambush

A contributor from a Reuters news agency who accompanied UPDF army to CAR pronounced Achellam, who was paraded before the media, was walking with a limp, that he attributed to an aged wound.

He was returning from a Democratic Republic of Congo when he walked into a Ugandan soldiers’ ambush. UPDF pronounced it had been on his route for a month.

In-depth coverage of debate targeting Ugandan rebel

The LRA waged a fight opposite a supervision in northern Uganda for scarcely 20 years before it was ejected in 2005.

In Dec 2008, Uganda launched Operation Lightning Thunder, dispersing a rebels and pulling them north into CAR.

Analysts pronounced Achellam was a tighten fan of Kony who had masterminded a group’s relocation from northern Uganda.

“From whichever angle we demeanour during it, a detriment of Achellam should be really discouraging for Kony and a large boost for his
manhunt,” pronounced Angelo Izama, an researcher who has created extensively on a LRA.

An African Union (AU) corroborated 5,000-strong force has been launched to hunt down Kony, whose prominence has gained worldwide courtesy after a video about him done by a US gift was posted on YouTube and noticed by tens of millions of people.

Kony is wanted by a International Criminal Court for rape, twisting and murder of civilians, as good as forcibly recruiting children to offer as soldiers and sex slaves.

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