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Vizibility ends private beta, readies NFC business cards for all

There are two types of people when it comes to business cards: you see them either as a useful way to quickly exchange your contact information or they are a just more clutter in your desk. For the people that really use business cards, you know that you can either have a basic white card with your phone number and email address on it, or you try to stand out and have some fun with it. There’s no shortage of companies out there ready to push your contact information through their printer to make you an ordinary paper business card, but why not make your cards work a little harder for you? The team at Vizibility have put together a solution that gathers all of the information about you on the web and curates it into an NFC and QR code-ready business card.

Back at SXSW, the team at Vizibility were showing off their fresh design for their business cards pre-loaded with NFC. It meant you could quickly transfer a larger volume of contact information without even giving away the business card.

The Vizibility NFC cards held all of your contact information, plus a whole lot more if you chose. The real power behind Vizibility comes with their website, which offers you the ability to fill your business card with everything from your social networks to a video bio about you, and offers tracking information for anyone who actually scans your card. During their detailed account creation process, Vizibility allows you to go through everything about you and pick and choose what goes on your account. Right down to individual search results, you can really put your best foot forward to whoever sees your card and decides to either scan your QR code or grab your NFC tag.

Vizibility’s website offers most of these features for free, including tracking metrics for how many times your card or code was used. You can have the results delivered to you via email, SMS, or just by traveling to the site. Additionally, you can download a copy of the QR code to embed wherever you like.

After you have created an account, if you would like to buy some of ordinary QR business cards, you can get 250 of them for about $20 or just QR stickers for about $15. Vizibility also offers more advanced features, such as geo-tracking on the QR scans or a personal AdWords campaign for a monthly fee. The Premier and Premier Pro packages are $3 and $9 respectively, with the Pro account including a Personal NFC ID Card.

Vizibility has put together an impressive personal management tool for tracking how effective your business card transactions really are, and the free account alone is worth giving them a shot. Plus, right now you can get a Premier subscription free for 45 days.

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