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Adafruit’s pure Raspberry Pi box uses dragon claws

If we wanted a box to offer a small some-more confidence around your Raspberry Pi board, afterwards you’ve had a choice of a ModMyPi box from flattering most a initial day a house was done available. But others were certain to follow, and Adafruit has combined a pure resolution that allows for expansion.

It is called a Adafruit Pi Box, and by regulating pure acrylic we can strengthen your Pi though losing steer of it. All a ports are still accessible to use, though a Pi Box has an combined underline other sealed cases lack: we can enhance a Raspberry Pi with kits such as a electronics prototyping picture kit or Gertboard and still keep use of a case.

The Pi Box is hold together with what Adafruit refers to as dragon claws. These are stretchable joints on a sides of a box that concede we to resolutely shave a sections together or simply mislay some of them. Because of this it is probable to mislay a tip of a box so as to bond other components regulating a headers on a board.

Coming adult with a final pattern of a Pi Box apparently wasn’t easy. The picture we see next consists of 22 antecedent cases Adafruit done and rejected before they staid on a one they are now shipping.

If we would like an Adafruit Pi Box we can sequence one from a Adafruit store for only $14.95. They are certain to be renouned and Adafruit is already saying there’s a 5-10 business day wait before batch will be available.

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