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Afghan army finish Taliban encircle of hotel, 13 dead

Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:40am EDT

KABUL (Reuters) – Thirteen people were killed before a prolonged encircle was finished during a renouned hotel outward a Afghan capital, during that Taliban gunmen took scores of hostages, another confidant conflict that showed a manly rebellion stays after some-more than a decade of war.

Five militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades, self-murder explosve vests and appurtenance guns pounded a exclusive, lakeside hotel around midnight on Thursday, ripping into a celebration and sharpened passed hotel guards.

Kabul military arch Ayoub Salangi pronounced on Friday 4 civilians, 3 hotel guards and a policeman were killed in a 12-hour gunbattle during a Spozhmai hotel, unaware Qargha Lake. All 5 enemy were also killed.

The attack, fast claimed by a Afghan Taliban, again showed a ability of insurgents to theatre high-profile raids even as NATO nations ready to repel many of their quarrel infantry by a finish of 2014 and leave Afghans to lead a fight.

Many shocked guest jumped into a lake in a dark to shun a carnage, Afghan officials and residents said. Up to 300 people had been inside a hotel when a conflict began.

“Insurgent Taliban were regulating civilians as tellurian shields to strengthen themselves, and even this morning around 50 locals were still hold as hostages,” Sediq Sediqqi, a orator for a Afghan Interior Ministry, told reporters.

Earlier, chosen Afghan quick-response military corroborated by NATO infantry liberated during slightest 35 hostages in an operation that usually began in aspiring after morning to assistance confidence army equivocate municipal deaths in night confusion.

NATO conflict helicopters could be seen over a single-storey hotel building and a patio renouned with guest for a nightfall views, while a cover of fume rose into air.

The Taliban complained abounding Afghans and foreigners used a hotel, about 10 km (6 miles) from a centre of Kabul, for “prostitution” and “wild parties” forward of a Friday eremite day holiday.

Launching their annual descent this spring, a Taliban threatened to conflict some-more supervision officials and abounding Afghans, though a hotel conflict was one of few in that mixed hostages were taken given a start of a war, now in a 11th year.

“This is a crime opposite amiability since they targeted children, women and civilians picnicking during a lake. There wasn’t even a singular infantryman around there,” pronounced General Mohammad Zahir, conduct of a Kabul military review unit.

Television cinema showed several people wading out of a lake onto a patio and clambering over a wall to safety.


Soldiers and military fanned out around a hotel during dawn, nearing in cars and armored Humvee vehicles and holding cover behind trees flanking a lake and a circuitously golf course.

Police pronounced they wanted to theatre a rescue though resorting to a frontal conflict that could kill a hotel guest who had been taken hostage.

Qargha Lake is one of Kabul’s few options for weekend getaways. Restaurants and hotels that dot a seaside are renouned with Afghan supervision officials and businessmen, quite on Thursday nights.

Guests during a Spozhmai contingency pass by confidence checks before entering a hotel, where tables with umbrellas disremember a water, though confidence is comparatively light for a city exposed to belligerent attacks.

Violence opposite Afghanistan has surged in new days, with 3 U.S. soldiers and some-more than a dozen civilians killed in unbroken attacks, mostly in a country’s easterly where NATO-led army have focused their efforts during a summer fighting months.

NATO commanders, median into a routine of transferring confidence shortcoming to Afghan forces, are racing by training for a Afghan army and police, including holding simple education classes for recruits.

Several well-planned assaults in Kabul in a past year have lifted questions about either a Taliban and their al Qaeda-linked Haqqani network allies have shifted strategy to welcome high-profile attacks targeting landmarks, foreigners and Afghanistan’s elite, fluctuating a riotous quarrel once essentially waged in a countryside.

Afghan insurgents pounded Kabul’s heavily stable tactful and supervision district on Apr 15 in an assault, eventually quelled by Afghan special army guided by Western mentors, identical to one in Sep 2011.

Militants also killed 8 people in an conflict on a upscale Intercontinental hotel in Kabul in Jun 2011.

President Hamid Karzai told a special event of council on Thursday that attacks by insurgents opposite Afghan military and soldiers were augmenting as many unfamiliar quarrel infantry ready to leave Afghanistan by a finish of 2014.

(Additional stating by Hamid Shalizi and Abdul Saboor; Writing by Rob Taylor and Missy Ryan; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani and Paul Tait)

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