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Australian winery launches $170,000 bottle

An Australian winery Friday denounced 12 bottles of a singular selected for sale during an eye-watering cost of Aus$168,000 (US$170,350) each, that can usually be non-stop by a specially-trained wine expert.

The booze is hold in a singular hand-blown potion “ampoule” designed to yield a ideal sourroundings for a liquor, and this is dangling inside a bespoke potion enclosure that sits inside a wooden cabinet.

“It is a bargain this is one of a many costly Australian wines expelled in this singular format,” pronounced Penfolds mouthpiece Ildi Ireland.

But when a patron decides to moment open a cost vintage, he or she will have to call out a comparison member of Penfolds’ wine-making team, a usually chairman with a scold training to uncork a cherished bottle.

The booze consultant will transport to wherever a patron is to mislay a ampoule from a potion surrounding and open a bottle regulating a specially-designed device.

“The booze contained within a ampoule, initial expelled in a 1950s, binds a sold stress among generations of Australian and international wine collectors,” Penfolds pronounced in a statement.

The wine, a 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon, is a singular single-vineyard booze that is usually expelled in stellar vintages.

The Block 42 vineyard, planted in a mid-1880s, is in South Australia‘s Barossa Valley and Penfolds pronounced it is suspicion to have some of a oldest continuously-producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in a world.

“There is something unequivocally enchanting about a 2004 Block 42 Kalimna Cabernet,” pronounced Penfolds arch winemaker Peter Gago.

“It has an fragile dimension and a jam-packed dark on a palate, it’s unusually aromatic with covering on covering of flavour.”

Four artisans were consecrated to furnish a ampoule and casings that underline fixtures done from changed metals that assistance anchor a potion sculpture to a jarrah timber box.

Penfolds, that has been producing wines given 1844, is famous for a Grange wines — Australia’s many famous.

One of a ampoules will sojourn during Penfolds’ Magill Estate Winery in South Australia, and one will be kept by oppulance tradesman DFS and underline during a Master of Spirits eventuality in Singapore early in a New Year, Penfolds said.

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