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End-of-the-Year Checklist for Divorcing Women

Most women wait until after a holidays to pierce brazen with their divorces –and that’s totally understandable. Many don’t wish to interrupt family traditions for their children. Some acquire a daze offering by a dispatch and discord of a season. And, of course, others wish to equivocate the discussions that fundamentally seem to arise whenever and wherever kin gather.

Interestingly, though, January is a month when many divorces are filed. Obviously, branch a page towards a New Year inspires a uninformed start –and that’s totally understandable, too. If you’re headed in that direction, it creates clarity to spend a small time this month formulation ahead. You can do so discreetly, and afterwards know that you’ll truly be prepared to start a New Year on a right foot.

To assistance get we begin, here are a few things we can do now to assistance make a divorce routine smoother in 2012:

1. Start collecting financial documents. Watch a mail for year-end statements from banks, credit card companies, etc.  As we outline in a Divorce Financial Checklist, scheming for divorce requires entertainment all a applicable papers associated to your bank and brokerage accounts, credit cards, mortgages, etc. Once we have collected them, make copies, and take them to a devoted friend/family member, or use a protected deposition box that your father can’t access.

2. Check your credit report. While you’re entertainment your financial records, keep a clever eye on your credit label statements, and if we haven’t already finished so, ask a duplicate of your credit report. Once we have a report, guard your measure delicately so you’ll be a initial to know if any surprising activity occurs.  (For example, is your father regulating your corner credit cards to buy his partner gifts this holiday season?)  See my post, How To Protect Your Credit Score During Your Divorce, for some-more tips

3. Research divorce professionals in your area. If we wish to safeguard a best probable outcome for your divorce, take a time to build a qualified divorce team. we suggest we start with these 3 players: a matrimonial/family law attorney, a divorce financial planner and a therapist/counselor. Spend some time this month researching divorce professionals and emanate a brief list of possibilities for any position. Schedule interviews with any tip contender in January, and rest easy meaningful that by Feb 2012, you’ll be benefiting from a consultant superintendence of a top-notch divorce team.

4. Open new accounts in your name. Moving brazen as a singular lady in 2012 will need that we have a bank comment and credit cards in your name. Lay a grounds now.  Don’t use a bank where we now have your corner accounts. Go to a opposite bank and open both a resources and a checking comment in your name. You’ll need your possess credit card, too, so we should start that routine now, as well. New sovereign regulations are creation it harder than ever for women with small or no income to settle credit on their own. You can do it. But, devise accordingly and know that securing credit is going to be some-more difficult than only stuffing out an focus or creation a singular phone call.

5. Remain vigilant. Is your father regulating a good hearten of a holidays as cover while he dissipates family assets? Be attentive, and if we are endangered during all about financial shenanigans by your husband, we might wish to think twice about filing a corner lapse with him for 2011.

Some women who are deliberation divorce let a holidays get them down. Don’t be one of them. Use this event to start formulation ahead, and you’ll be means to start a New Year assured that we are on a approach to a some-more fast and secure financial future.


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