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Evading Ticketmaster Louis C.K. sells debate himself

NEW YORK (AP) — After offered a comedy special directly to fans and upending a comedy business, Louis C.K. is holding a same proceed with tickets to his subsequent tour.

The comedian announced Monday dusk that he’ll assign a flat, no-fee rate of $45 to all of a shows on a 39-city debate he kicks off in October. Tickets will bypass ticketing services and are accessible usually by louisck.com.

That’s identical to how he sole downloads of his special “Live during a Beacon” for $5, a pierce that was widely hailed and has given been copied by other comics like Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari. It done some-more than $1 million in 12 days.

“I’m perplexing something new, building on a fun, success and fan-benefit of offered my calm online,” a comedian, whose FX uncover “Louie” debuts a third deteriorate Thursday, pronounced in an email to fans.

In an bid to deter scalping, he affianced that any tickets sole above a strange cost will be canceled. True-market value for a uncover by Louis C.K., one of a many renouned stand-ups in a country, would fetch aloft prices. (Online ticketing association Etix is aiding a comedian’s sale.)

Often, engagement venues but a inclusion of a vast ticketing use can infer cryptic for acts looking to equivocate Ticketmaster, that joined with unison writer LiveNation in 2010. Louis C.K. pronounced engagement venues had been “a genuine challenge.”

“About a year ago we reached a place where we satisfied we am creation adequate income doing comedy so a subsequent thing that meddlesome me is bringing your cost down,” he told fans. “Either way, we still make a whole lot some-more than my grandfather who taught math and lifted chickens in Michigan.”




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