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Four improvements we could see in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

It seems all though assured that Google is going to betray a new chronicle of Android during Google I/O this week. The program will reportedly be chronicle 4.1, and called Jelly Bean in Google’s ongoing alphabetical yield fixing scheme. A “0.1” strike isn’t traditionally seen as a large program rider so don’t design miracles from Jelly Bean. Still, Google kept a Eclair name for a 2.0-2.1 update, so maybe there’s something critical coming.

Either way, let’s take a demeanour during a biggest facilities that could plausibly uncover adult in Android 4.1 this week.

Chrome leaves beta


Earlier this year, Google finally done good on years of gossip and conjecture by releasing a chronicle of Chrome for Android. Like a batch Android browser, Chrome for Android uses a WebKit digest engine, though all else about this app was a depart (in a good way).

Chrome brought many softened add-on management, a cleaner user interface, and loyal synchronization with desktop Chrome. The app is still usually accessible on a meagre few (Android 4.0 and higher) devices, though certainly Google has had adequate time to work out those beta bugs. An Android 4.1 proclamation would be extended by a inclusion of Chrome as a new default browser.

If a tablet, like a rumored Nexus device, is a launch device for Jelly Bean, a full Chrome rollout would be all a better. The interface of Chrome is totally opposite on a inscription — it looks and works only like desktop Chrome, in fact. This would uncover off a Nexus inscription and Android 4.1 utterly well.

UI refinements

JB Search

Android 4.0 is many some-more appealing than a height ever was before. The tone taste is some-more mature and cohesive, for starters. The rise is many easier to review on a far-reaching accumulation of shade resolutions as well. That said, there is always room for improvement, generally in a 0.1 release.

From leaked screenshots it looks like a Android 4.0 hunt box has been reskinned, and there will substantially be some deeper hunt formation built into that interface. A transparent indicate of row for users has been a approach Android handles strike photos. The big, pleasing portraits used in a Ice Cream Sandwich People and Phone apps unequivocally uncover off how badly Google compresses strike avatars. With Android 4.1, it would be good to see Google understanding with this paltry concern.

Don’t consider for a second that this should all be taken for granted. Time has to be done for these kind of residence gripping UI enhancements, and large releases aren’t a right time. A “dot” recover like this is a ideal time for enlightening what’s already there.

Majel/Voice Control


Apple has had Siri on a iPhone given final fall, that effectively leapfrogged any of a accessible Android solutions. The dash competence have faded from Siri in a inserted months, though it’s still a offered indicate for many users. Apple is also adding new facilities to Siri’s repertoire in iOS 6. Samsung’s S Voice on a Galaxy S3 is a good start, though Android needs a resolution for a whole ecosystem.

It was months ago that we initial started conference about a voice control app code named Majel. Could this be a time for Majel to make an appearance? A good integrated voice control complement needs hooks low in a OS for a best experience. For this reason, it would make a many clarity for Google’s Siri counterpart to turn a constituent partial of a new program build, and Jelly Bean would fit a bill.

This competence be a many tough to swallow prediction, saying as there have been probably no leaks as of late. However, it competence only be one of those projects so critical that Google goes to extremes to keep it quiet. With Apple rolling Siri out to a super-successful tablet ecosystem, it’s time for Google to during slightest try to retake a voice control crown.

Performance and battery life


Android phones have struggled with battery life given a days of a T-Mobile G1. The height allows apps to run in a background, and even arise themselves adult to perform tasks. This is partial of what has done Android so variable and a good choice to a iPhone, though a battery can take a genuine strike from such activities.

Google has been tweaking battery life over time, and Android 4.1 will be no different. A few behind a scenes changes to improved conduct a processor and a activity of credentials processes seems only right for a recover like Jelly Bean. The gossip is that the Nexus inscription will have all day battery life.

Along with battery life, opening is still a regard on Android. Despite past changes to a formula compiler and rubbish collection framework, Android still sputters and lags on occasion. Tablets seem to have some-more problems than phones for whatever reason, so a Nexus inscription would be a good event to purify things up. The rumored Tegra 3 chip in a Nexus inscription would yield a strong height on that to improved optimize Android for multi-core processing, and yield a faster OS to consumers.

Odds are that Android 4.1 is not going to totally change a platform. If it were being rumored as chronicle 5.0, afterwards we competence have something to speak about. Android took such a large step with 4.0 that it’s only infinite Mountain View would change all now. Still, facilities like Chrome for Android and full voice control could arrive built-in. The new OS would be easily dull out by trustworthy changes to a UI and battery life to opening ratio. Whatever happens, we won’t know until Google hits a theatre tomorrow.

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