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Kindle Fire 2 might launch subsequent month

If we hadn’t already figured that 2012 was going to be a big, big year for tablets, here’s a final square of justification you’ll need: Amazon could launch a inheritor to a strange Kindle Fire as shortly as subsequent month.

This year, we’ve already seen a Retina Display-packing new iPad and Microsoft’s tandem of tablets, a Surface and Surface Pro. Google’s Nexus 7 inscription is approaching to make a entrance tomorrow and go on sale in July. Would Amazon unequivocally wish to wait until a finish of a year to deliver a new model? Definitely not.

The Kindle Fire was never unequivocally positioned as an iPad killer, though rather as a low-cost iPad alternative. It’s been one of a biggest Android inscription success stories to date, though with a Nexus device appearing on a setting Amazon competence now be feeling a crunch. So far, many attention sources have pegged a 8GB Nexus 7 during $199. That’s a same cost as a Kindle Fire, though there’s a combined captivate of carrying full entrance to all a apps and games in Google Play as good as a guarantee of being initial in line for destiny Android updates. Oh right, there’s also that quad-core Tegra 3 processor and front-facing camera.

No central sum have flush nonetheless about a Kindle Fire 2, though there’s conjecture that Amazon will make during slightest dual tweaks to residence patron concerns. First, they’ll supplement earthy volume controls — a on-screen-only proceed has been rarely criticized. Second, they might offer a microSD container for storage expansion. That’s something Google substantially won’t do on a Nexus 7, given they didn’t build one into a Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus. There’s also speak that Amazon will continue offered a strange Kindle Fire during a bargain-basement price of $149.

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