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Kohl’s Ramps Up Investment in Solar Energy 25% This Year

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Wisconsin-based Kohl’s Department Stores not usually keeps expanding in a severe economy for retailers, it keeps investing in a prolonged tenure operations. Already a personality in solar investment and energy efficiency, Kohl’s is adding even some-more locations opposite a U.S. to a considerable renewable appetite portfolio.

Many of Kohl’s stores in California, Maryland and Connecticut already have solar installations, and while more locations in those states will measure such retrofits this year, stores in additional states will see construction of solar arrays atop their roofs. Massachusetts, New York and Ohio will benefit new solar arrays. By a finish of 2012, over 150 Kohl’s stores in 13 states will beget 20 to 50 percent of a appetite needs from solar energy.

Kohl’s solar module started in 2007 with a solar array on tip of a Laguna Niguel, CA store. For a dialect store chain, not usually does a investment in solar lead to evident decreased electricity costs, though solar is a proceed to denote a company’s stakeholder engagement. Whether ramping adult recycling efforts, earning LEED and Energy Star certifications for a stores, or installing solar on rooftops, Kohl’s presents sustainability as partial of a consumer knowledge and shows that it is an intent business within a internal community.

At a finish of 2012, Kohl’s estimates that a sum solar ability will strech 74.2 million kilowatt hours of energy, a homogeneous of holding 10,000 cars off a roads or canceling out a emissions of 6400 homes annually. As for a rest of a electricity consumption, Kohl’s offsets it with renewable appetite credits (RECs). With over 700 stores Energy Star-certified and rising, Kohl’s joining to solar is only one partial of a holistic proceed towards creation a whole company’s operations, from a supply sequence to a dialect stores’ floors, as obliged as possible.

Energy prices have stabilized for now, though they could spike during any time. While other sell chains’ financial opening has been lackluster, annual income during Kohl’s is $18 billion annually and climbing. Those solar panels could assistance keep Kohl’s really rival in a entrance decade and assistance sidestep a association opposite any appetite cost shocks. With over 1000 stores nationwide, it will be extraordinary to watch how assertive Kohl’s plan will play out in a entrance years.

Leon Kaye, formed in California, is a sustainability consultant and a editor of GreenGoPost.com. He also contributes to Guardian Sustainable Business and Inhabitat. You can follow him on Twitter.

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