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Microsoft shows off a new Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen

When Microsoft took a wraps off Windows Phone 8 recently, copiousness of people got vehement about what they saw and heard. Of course, copiousness of people got upset, too. Why? Because they schooled that Microsoft had pulled a RIM and their current-gen Windows Phone inclination wouldn’t be removing an ascent to a subsequent vital chronicle of a OS.

They are, however, fluctuating a olive branch. Existing hardware will accept Windows Phone 7.8 instead, that will pierce with it a series of new facilities — like a some-more customizable Start Screen.

The biggest change here is a tractable tile sizes. If all we need is an iOS or Android-style icon, tiny is a ideal fit. Medium takes adult 4 times a area, and provides adequate room for Live Tile information to be displayed. Bumping adult to vast lets an app arrangement as most information as probable right on your Start Screen.

There’s copiousness some-more entrance in Windows Phone 7.8, too. Unfortunately Microsoft is gripping things hush-hush for a time being, so we won’t know what a rest of a changes are until developers get their hands on a preview build or additional central blog posts get published.

As for those of we out there still feeling jilted about not carrying an ascent trail to Windows Phone 8… don’t forget there’s a large change in hardware coming, too. With a new OS finally ancillary higher-resolution displays, there’s each reason to start saving your pennies so that we can collect adult a new handset when a OS arrives after this year. That is, of course, presumption we haven’t already angrily sworn to embankment a height and pierce to Android or a iPhone.

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