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NatWest opens early over glitch

Susan Allen

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Susan Allen from NatWest: “We’re operative unequivocally tough to repair this”

Around 1,000 NatWest branches are to open during 08:00 BST to assistance business incompetent to entrance their accounts since of a glitch.

A vast series of NatWest customers, along with others with RBS and Ulster Bank accounts, have been incompetent to entrance online services.

Technical issues also meant that some balances were not updated with overnight payments.

RBS apologised and pronounced business would not be left out of pocket.

NatWest and Ulster Bank are partial of a RBS group.

Some branches had stayed open late on Thursday to assistance business on their approach home and staff continued to work by a night.

In an refurbish on a website, NatWest pronounced many business could now perspective their comment balances online though not all of them.

“We recognize this has caused poignant nuisance for a business and we continue to work to solve these issues and revive a full service,” it said.

Earlier, a banking organisation reliable that a series of business accounts had also been affected.

One tiny business owners told a BBC that a electronic complement to compensate staff was not working.

He pronounced that, while a bank’s business use centre had put a note on his comment to concede him entrance to puncture cash, there were no communications within a bank as staff in his bend had no record of it and a note was carrying to be faxed over.

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One customer’s story

A first-time buyer, his profound mother and their one-year-old child have been left in an dull home overdue to a technical problems during NatWest.

Raul Poddy, 30, and his family were due to finish a squeeze of their initial home but, since solicitors can't check that supports have been transferred, a keys have not been released.

Instead they face “throwing down a mattress” to spend a night in their empty, rented home in Durham until a problem is resolved.

“It is not good adequate for this to occur in this day and age,” pronounced Mr Poddy, whose mother Kerry is 20 weeks pregnant.

He pronounced their effects were in a dismissal outpost and were expected to have to be put into storage, during a cost, instead of being unloaded in their new home 10 miles away.

Meanwhile, their one-year-old was during hothouse and set to lapse to a residence where a gas and electricity had been cancelled.

“We were saving for a deposition for roughly a year and spent so prolonged removing each final fact perfect, afterwards this happens,” he said.

Many business have taken to Twitter stating that they have not been paid and expressing fears that a problem would not be bound before a weekend.

NatWest has 7.5 million personal banking customers.

The bank did not contend how many people had been influenced opposite a group, though Ulster Bank, that along with NatWest is also partial of a RBS group, pronounced 100,000 of a business had been influenced by “a vital technical issue”.

“We are operative tough to minimise a impact and will safeguard that those who are influenced do not humour any financial loss,” Ulster Bank pronounced in a statement.


Bob Spearman from Petworth told a BBC his weekly taxation credit remuneration had not been paid into his NatWest account.

“We, like many other low-income families live from week to week and a Child Tax Credit weekly remuneration is a salvation on that we rely,” he said.

Customers have also reported problems accessing their online accounts for a past 24 hours.

A summary posted from a NatWest Help Twitter comment said: “This is an unsuitable nuisance for a business for that we apologise.”

A mouthpiece for UK Payments Council, that oversees payments strategy, pronounced that a problem did not seem to have influenced any other banks.

However, people awaiting payments from people or businesses that banked with NatWest could confront problems.

Last week, Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest launched a mobile banking app to capacitate people to repel income from income machines regulating their smartphone.

This noted a latest growth in a long-predicted pierce towards a smartphone apropos a digital wallet.

NatWest matter in full

“This is a technical problem inspiring a vast series of NatWest and Ulster Bank customers, and a tiny series of RBS customers, including some of a business customers.

“It was caused by a disaster of a systems to scrupulously refurbish customers’ balances overnight. The categorical problem business are carrying is that where people have had income go into their accounts overnight, there might be a check in it display adult on their balance. This is an unsuitable nuisance for a customers, for that we apologise.

“We can assure a business that this problem is particularly of a technical inlet and will be bound as shortly as possible. We can also endorse that no business will be henceforth out of slot as a outcome of this.

“We will be gripping over 1,000 NatWest branches in all vital towns and cities open until 7pm tonight to support business who are incompetent to get to their bend during operative hours.”

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