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Pope visits upheaval segment in northern Italy

ROVERETO DI NOVI, Italy (Reuters) – Pope Benedict on Tuesday comforted victims of final month’s Italian earthquake, that killed 25 people and ravaged many homes, factories and churches, propelling them to find support in their faith as they find to rebuild.

The primeval Emilia-Romagna segment was strike on May 20 by a 6.0 bulk quake, Italy‘s deadliest given 2009, and afterwards by countless aftershocks.

In a two-hour revisit to Rovereto di Novi, Benedict rode on a immature polite insurance dialect jeep by a town’s “red zone”, past some a many heavily shop-worn buildings.

He was visibly changed as he met children and aged people left homeless by a quake, that shop-worn or broken many of a region’s towers, castles and churches as good as causing critical repairs to dairy and curative plants.

In an address, Benedict told stricken residents, many of whom are vital in tent camps, to reconstruct their lives on a substructure of their faith.

“On this rock, on this organisation hope, we can build, we can rebuild,” he said, adding that, while their buildings were cracked, their hearts were not.

The pope paid reverence to a internal bishopric priest, Father Ivan Martini, who died when his church collapsed while he was inside checking repairs from an progressing tremor.

On tip of a tellurian cost of a quakes, a mercantile repairs to a region, one of a many moneyed in Italy, is put during slightest 5 billion euros.

(Writing by Philip Pullella; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

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