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Smart Glass app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is like AirPlay for Xbox

There’s already been talk about Microsoft unveiling a new streaming music service codenamed Woodstock at E3. Now it appears as though there’s even more multimedia news on the way. A new multi-platform app called Smart Glass is set to double down on the Xbox 360′s media streaming abilities.

According to a leaked presentation, Smart Glass will provide functionality similar to Apple’s AirPlay. The app will be available for Windows and Windows Phone as well as for Android and iOS devices. In addition to allowing users to watch video and listen to music on their devices, Smart Glass will also allow media to be pushed to the Xbox for those times when a big-screen experience is called for. The Xbox already plays nice with DLNA-equipped devices, of course.

It’ll also act as a remote for video being played on the Xbox, allowing users to skip ahead or back, zip through the timeline, or search for additional content to watch.

Over at The Examiner, they’re calling Smart Glass a new tablet from Microsoft, but that seems well outside the realm of possibilities. The leaked image they’ve gotten hold of (above) looks more like a capture from an emulator, with its non-descript, computer-generated Windows tablet and perfectly-displayed splash screen. While Microsoft does make hardware — like the Xbox 360 and numerous input peripherals — they’re not in the business of building systems. They’ve always left that to Windows OEMs, and it’s unlikely they’re going to announce their intentions to start doing so at E3.

via Engadget and The Examiner

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