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Student Loan Bill: “Failure Is Not an Option” Says Education Secretary Duncan

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Time is fast using out for Congress to pass refuge legislation that would forestall seductiveness rates on subsidized tyro loan debt from doubling to 6.8 percent Jul 1. Failure to pass this legislation would adversely impact scarcely 7.4 million Americans who now reason subsidized tyro loans, like Pell Grants and Stafford loans.

But surprisingly, during a time when impassioned partisanship drives today’s domestic agenda, a enterprise to keep a reduce rates in place has extended bipartisan support. So because a check in flitting a bill? The holdup rests mostly on how to replenish a $6 billion it will cost a supervision to keep rates during 3.4 percent for a subsequent year.

For Education Secretary Arne Duncan, “failure is not an option.”

“Congress has been sincerely dysfunctional…[but] this is a genuine event for them to come together and do a right thing,” Duncan tells The Daily Ticker in a concomitant interview. “This would be too harmful to over 7 million immature people and families around a country.”

While Congress seems to be on a margin of flitting this legislation, Duncan is not removing his hopes adult until a check indeed passes.

“I will sojourn puzzled until this gets done,” he says. “This is not about words. This is about action.”

Even if Congress concluded to a rate extension, it’s usually for one year. Congress would need to restructure a tyro loan complement to equivocate this emanate in a future.

Secretary Duncan: College Debt Is Good Debt

More than 37 million people are now impeded with profitable behind a cost of their college education.

Total tyro loan debt, both open and private, strike $904 billion in a initial entertain of this year, adult 275 percent from a same duration in 2003, according to a news by a New York Fed. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says a figure has already surfaced $1 trillion. Both sum put a volume of sum debt on tyro loans above a sum volume of credit label debt hold by all Americans.

At a same time, a evasion rate on college loans is aloft than a evasion rate for mortgages and automobile loans. Ten years ago a evasion rate was 6.13 percent; now it’s 8.69 percent.

Some economists like Berkeley’s Robert Reich, before Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary, have called a tyro loan predicament a subsequent burble to burst. Former Education Secretary underneath Bush Sr. William Bennett agrees. But Duncan does not. “I don’t see it in a same serious terms,” he says. “I consider when we go to college, and really importantly connoisseur and when we get a diploma, we can make a very, really good box that that is a best investment we can make.”

But justification is stacking adult opposite this idea that might have been loyal decades ago. A new review by a Associated Press found that some-more than 50 percent of new graduates are now impoverished or underemployed. Moreover, 30 percent of those going to college these days are dropping out before they indeed get their grade and are still saddled with a cost.

Yet Duncan is still assured college is value a cost. A ideal universe would be one but any debt during all, he says, “[But] we consider if there is such a thing, it is good debt.”

Secretary Duncan: Amnesty for Young Illegal Immigrants Is Good for America

President Obama final Friday announced a new executive sequence to concede hundreds of thousands of immature bootleg immigrants to stay in a U.S. to attend college and eventually work in this country. This new process would impact some-more than 800,000 bootleg immigrants who have lived in fear of deportation.

Duncan tells us he is “proud” of a president’s new policy. He says America will advantage from carrying an increasing labor pool of some-more prepared and learned labor.

Critics disagree that this beginning will means an liquid of people opposed for a same college preparation and jobs that Americans are seeking, pulling adult fee costs and creation a already gloomy jobs marketplace even some-more competitive.

“My worry is not competition. My worry is not adequate immature people are graduating from high school, college and career ready,” he says. “We have to teach the approach to a improved economy.”

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