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Taliban conflict hotel nearby Kabul

Afghan confidence forces

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ISAF orator Major Adam Wojak says that Afghan confidence army and Nato helicopters were deployed to a area

Taliban militants have pounded a hotel outward Kabul, triggering a lethal gun conflict with Afghan confidence army and a warrant crisis.

Officials contend insurgents pounded a Spozhmai Hotel in a Lake Qargha area.

Three guards and one military officer were killed, as were 3 militants, though dual are still fighting, according to a arch of Kabul police.

An different array of people have been taken hostage, including women and children, though 18 have been freed.

The Taliban claimed a attack. Lake Qargha is on a hinterland of Kabul and is lucky by residents of a Afghan collateral for day trips and family outings.

The gunmen, armed with rocket-propelled grenades and complicated appurtenance guns, launched a conflict on a hotel late on Thursday, officials say.

“Police army have besieged a hotel where people collected for a cruise or marriage party,” Kabul emissary military arch Daoud Amin told a AFP news agency. “We will be really clever so that not to mistreat to civilians,” he added.

Some guest reportedly jumped out of hotel windows to rush from a attackers.

An different array sojourn inside.


The US-led bloc is providing support to a Afghan confidence forces, who are perplexing to flush out a insurgents from a hotel.

Reuters news group quotes a Taliban as observant they pounded a hotel since rich Afghans and foreigners used it for “wild parties”.

Violence has recently increasing opposite a country, with during slightest 3 US soldiers and about 20 Afghans killed in a array of attacks over a past 7 days.

The attacks come as Nato prepares to palm shortcoming to Afghan army when a alliance’s fight infantry leave in 2014.

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