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US economy combined 69K jobs in May, fewest in a year

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers combined usually 69,000 jobs in May, a fewest in a year, and a stagnation rate ticked up, boding ill for President Barack Obama’s re-election chances.

The gloomy jobs information will fan fears that a economy is sputtering. And it could lead a Federal Reserve to take serve stairs to assistance a economy.

Republicans seeking a White House have indicted Obama of unwell to drive a economy out of a low recession, environment adult a health of a nation’s economy as a pivotal emanate in a 2012 election.

Mitt Romney, Obama’s Republican challenger, pronounced a jobs news is “devastating news” for workers and their families. In a statement, he called a news “dismal” and a oppressive complaint of Obama’s policies.

Responding to a jobs report, Obama pronounced a numbers uncover that America’s economy is not formulating jobs “as quick as we want,” though he pronounced a economy will improve. “We will come behind stronger. We do have improved days ahead.”

The Labor Department also pronounced Friday that a economy combined distant fewer jobs in a prior dual months than initial thought. It revised those total down to uncover 49,000 fewer jobs created. The stagnation rate rose to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent in April, a initial boost in 11 months.

The Dow Jones industrial normal plummeted 274 points, or 2.2 percent, erasing many of 2012 gains.

The produce on a benchmark on a 10-year Treasury note plunged to 1.46 percent, a turn not seen in a final century. It suggested that investors are flocking to a reserve of U.S. supervision bonds.

The cost of gold, that sealed during $1,562 an unit a day before, shot adult scarcely $60 after a report. Investors have seen bullion as a protected place to put their income during violent mercantile times.

Josh Feinman, tellurian arch economist with DB Advisors, pronounced Friday’s news raises a odds that a Federal Reserve will do some-more — maybe start another turn of bond purchases to serve reduce long-term seductiveness rates.

Still, he remarkable that a rate on 10-year Treasury records is already during a record low 1.46 percent.

“How many reduce can long-term rates go?” Feinman said.

The economy is averaging usually 73,000 jobs a month over a past dual months — roughly a third of 226,000 jobs combined per month in a January-March quarter.

Slower expansion in a United States comes during a hazardous time for a tellurian economy.

Europe’s financial predicament is flaring again. And scarcely half a 17 countries in a eurozone are in recession. China, a world’s second-largest economy, is also display signs of weakness. Its production zone is decelerating, a thoughtfulness of muted direct for a products from Europe, a U.S. and a rest of a world.

But while China is behaving to boost expansion and European countries are weighing identical steps, U.S. leaders have been focused some-more on shortening supervision debt.

Romney has finished a economy a executive thesis of his campaign. No boss given a Great Depression has sought re-election with stagnation as high as 8.2 percent, and past incumbents have mislaid when a stagnation rate was on a rise.

Other Republicans squandered small time seizing on a dour report.

“Today’s intensely discouraging jobs news proves nonetheless again that President Obama’s policies simply are not operative and that he has unsuccessful to live adult to a guarantee of his presidency,” pronounced Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

“It is critical not to review too many into any one monthly report,” Alan Krueger, authority of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, pronounced in a statement.

But Krueger acknowledged: “There is many some-more work that stays to be finished to correct a repairs caused by a financial predicament and low retrogression that began during a finish of 2007.”

There are signs business certainty is waning. Companies have cut their spending on computers and machine for dual true months, products that vigilance investment plans. And some informal surveys advise a bureau activity is expanding during a slower pace.

Consumers are also some-more downbeat about a economy, according to a May consult from a Conference Board. That could lead some-more Americans to cut behind on spending, that drives 70 percent of mercantile growth.

Construction firms cut 28,000 jobs, a steepest dump in dual years. Professional services, government, hotels, restaurants and other convenience industries also mislaid jobs.

Not all industries cut jobs. Manufacturers combined 12,000 jobs. Transportation and warehousing combined scarcely 36,000. Education and health caring combined 46,000.

Many Americans picked a bad time to burst behind into a labor force. The U.S. work force — those operative and looking for work — stretched by 642,000 in May. It was a biggest boost given Nov 2007.

Yet pursuit opportunities were scarce. The series of impoverished Americans rose by 220,000, a sharpest arise given Nov 2010. The boost gathering a series of impoverished to 12.7 million.

The normal work week was condensed to 34.4 hours. It suggested that companies are saying reduction consumer demand. The normal hourly salary ticked adult dual cents, to $23.41. It has increasing usually 1.7 percent in a past year, trailing a rate of inflation.

Businesses are confronting a flourishing hazard from Europe’s financial crisis, that has worsened in new weeks. The predicament is pushing adult borrowing costs for Spain and Italy and swelling to a banking system. Greece could be forced to exit a euro, that could pull a segment into a pointy recession. That could extent U.S. growth.

“Business view has incited sour,” pronounced Ellen Zentner, an economist during Nomura Securities. “Companies are endangered about contamination from Europe.”

Zentner pronounced a comfortable winter accelerated some employing that routinely would have taken place in a spring. The construction industry, one of a many weather-sensitive industries, combined jobs in Dec and Jan though cut behind neatly in Apr and May.

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