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Why YouTube views solidify during 301

There is a extraordinary tiny gift on YouTube that many users have beheld over a years. The perspective count of some videos creates a not really brief stop off during 301 views. Even video from tip accounts that go on to shelve adult hundreds of thousands of views mostly stays stranded during 301 views for hours or more. A YouTube video (with many some-more than 301 views) attempts to denounce this bauble with a tiny assistance from Google itself.

What it all comes down to, during a many simple level, is that Google considers YouTube views as a kind of banking to be stable from exploitation. Google is meddlesome is ensuring that all a views we see listed are legitimate views, though what does that mean? If a bot starts racking adult views, that’s a critical problem, for example. Then there’s a emanate of people clicking on a video that turns out to be a finish wrong thing. Google doesn’t wish any of that reflected in a perspective depends users see.

But what about that 301 number? Part of a emanate is that YouTube caches any video in mixed locations to revoke loading times. Google needs time to accumulate all a perspective depends from those servers and total them adult intelligently. At some point, a video goes from being a tiny potato to turn something of note. Before vouchsafing a video blow up, Google wants to be sure. As such, a dividing line was set adult during 301.

The formula for YouTube simply uses tender numbers for any perspective count reduction than or equal to 300, though any some-more and a counting stops (at 301) until YouTube has checked all out. At that point, it goes to a some-more difficult (and legit) perspective count. Due to a outrageous volume of videos on YouTube, this can take adult to a day, though we all finish adult with reduction YouTube spam since of it.

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