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Annan and Assad determine domestic proceed for Syria

Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:18am EDT

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – U.N. assent attach´┐Ż Kofi Annan pronounced he and President Bashar al-Assad concluded on Monday on an proceed to Syria’s dispute that he would now take to a opposition, and flew on to Iran for talks with a categorical informal fan of Damascus.

The former U.N. secretary ubiquitous is perplexing to rescue his six-point assent plan, that was worked out with a Syrian supervision and rebels in Apr though faltered since a ceasefire it was ostensible to start with never took hold.

Major powers concluded during a assembly with Annan on Jun 30 that a transitory supervision should be set adult in Syria, though sojourn during contingency over what partial Assad competence play in a process.

“I only had a certain and constructive contention with President Assad,” Annan pronounced before withdrawal for Tehran.

“We concluded an proceed that we will share with a opposition,” he told reporters in Damascus. He gave no details, though again stressed a significance of crude assault that has killed some-more than 15,000 people in 16 months, by an antithesis count.

Syrian Foreign Ministry orator Jihad Makdissi pronounced in a Twitter message: “In both meetings we reassured Annan of Syria’s joining to exercise a 6-point devise and hoped (the) other side is jointly committed.”

In a TV speak on Sunday, Assad pronounced he remained committed to Annan’s devise and indicted a United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of provision arms and logistical support to insurgents fighting to finish 42 years of Assad family mastery of a pivotal Arab state.

“We know that (Annan) is entrance adult opposite large obstacles though his devise should not be authorised to fail, it is a really good plan,” he told Germany’s ARD network.

“The categorical barrier (is) that many countries don’t wish (it) to succeed. So they offer domestic support and they still send armaments and send income to terrorists in Syria,” Assad said, according to a twin of a interview, hold in English.

The White House pronounced on Monday it upheld Annan’s goal though time was using short. “President Assad’s function has been iniquitous and we decider him by his actions, not his words,” orator Jay Carney told reporters.

The U.S. State Department pronounced it had seen no pointer of Damascus being prepared to stop assault and was doubtful about Annan’s chances of creation swell in Iran.

“To a border that he (Annan) can highlight to a Iranians a significance of auxiliary with a devise that’s a good thing, though we haven’t seen signs of that possibly yet,” orator Patrick Ventrell told a news briefing.


Syria, led by members of a Alawite organisation associated to Shi’ite Islam, has purported that a Sunni Muslim-led Gulf monarchies are subsidy disturbance among a Sunni infancy to check Shi’ite change in a region, particularly that of Shi’ite Iran.

Russia, that has so distant shielded Assad from a hazard of U.N. sanctions, pronounced it would not broach Yak-130 warrior planes or other new arms to Syria while a conditions there remained unresolved.

“While a conditions in Syria is unstable, there will be no new deliveries of arms there,” Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, emissary executive of a Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation, told reporters during a Farnborough Airshow in Britain, according to a Interfax agency.

The refusal to send some-more arms to Syria – such exports date behind to a Soviet epoch – competence be a many forked pierce nonetheless by Moscow to stretch itself from Assad as rebels benefit some belligerent and a genocide fee climbs.

Annan’s devise calls for an finish to fighting by supervision confidence army and rebels, withdrawal of a government’s complicated weapons from towns, lapse of a army to barracks, charitable entrance and talks between a supervision and antithesis directed during a “political transition”.

Opponents of Assad invited to Moscow for talks insisted that a domestic discourse Annan is perplexing to trigger contingency start with a change during a tip – a position that Russia rejects, and Annan’s devise does not specify.

“The transition duration contingency start with Assad’s departure,” pronounced Samir Aita, deputy of a antithesis Democratic Syria Foundation. “A inhabitant supervision contingency be created, and in sequence to do that, an all-Syrian inhabitant conference, where all member of a Syrian race would demonstrate their opinions, needs to take place.”

The categorical antithesis powerful group, a Syrian National Council (SNC), is also approaching to take partial in a talks. A comparison member of a organisation pronounced a commission of 10 members led by a group’s head, Abdelbasset Sida, will accommodate Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday.

“The commission will ask a Russians not to be an barrier in a approach of any transformation directed during toppling Bashar (al-Assad),” pronounced Mohamed Sermini.


Anti-Assad activists in Syria reported army shelling and clashes with rebels on Monday in Deir al-Zor, Deraa, Homs, Aleppo and a area of Damascus. Residents reported a sound of gunfire in a capital. An romantic website pronounced some-more than 100 Syrians were killed on Sunday, many of them civilians.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pronounced on Sunday antithesis army were flourishing some-more effective, and a earlier a assault ended, a improved a chances of provident Syria’s supervision a “catastrophic assault” by insurgent fighters were.

While Assad has faced sanctions and general defamation over his crackdown on dissent, vital Western and Arab powers have shied divided from approach troops action.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague pronounced in a debate in a Netherlands: “We will continue to try to convince Russia and China, though if a Kofi Annan devise fails, no choice to strengthen lives will be off a table.”

Assad told his German interviewer he did not fear that he competence share a predestine of a Libyan personality Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed after capture, or Hosni Mubarak, a defeated Egyptian boss condemned to life imprisonment.

Assad pronounced many of a victims of a overthrow were supporters of a government.

“From a list that we have, from a names that we have, a top commission are people who are killed by gangs, opposite kinds of gangs … If we speak about a supporters of a supervision – a victims from a confidence and a army – are some-more than a civilians,” he said.

Activists, who keep lists of names and dates of death, and Western governments contend some-more than 15,000 people have been killed by army constant to a government, a good infancy of them people who against a supervision and their trusting families.

Syria says some-more than 2,600 members of a confidence army have been killed.

(Additional stating by; Mariam Karouny in Beirut,Nastassia Astrasheuskaya in Moscow,Thomas Escritt in The Hague; Writing by Douglas Hamilton; Editing by Tim Pearce)

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