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Bob Diamond receives full salary

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Marcus Agius in front of a Treasury Committee

Ex-Barclays trainer Bob Diamond will accept his income and advantages value in additional of £2m, though has given adult bonuses value adult to £20m after resigning amid a bank Libor scandal.

Barclays executive authority Marcus Agius, who is being questioned by MPs about a scandal, pronounced Mr Diamond had given adult his reward voluntarily.

Mr Agius also quiescent though resolved to stay on to find Mr Diamond’s successor.

He pronounced he “regretted deeply” what had happened and was “truly sorry”.

He told a cabinet he had quiescent since he felt “ultimately obliged for a repute of a bank”.

He pronounced Mr Diamond had quiescent since “it became transparent he had mislaid a support of his regulators”. Mr Diamond’s income was £1.35m.

The cabinet pulpy Mr Agius, who is a comparison non-executive executive on a BBC executive board, on a Financial Services Authority’s (FSA) examination of Barclays that pronounced a bank was assertive in a practices and dubious on bank highlight tests.

MPs also asked if Mr Agius had upheld on a FSA’s “issues” with Mr Diamond when he was allocated as arch executive. Mr Agius pronounced that he had. In his justification to a cabinet final week, Mr Diamond pronounced he had not.

The Treasury Committee is perplexing to settle a purpose a Bank and a supervision played in a rate-fixing.

Under pressure

Marcus Agius

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Barclay’s Chairman Marcus Agius pronounced Mr Diamond had given adult his reward voluntarily

Last week, he told MPs he had oral in Oct 2008 to Mr Tucker, who had voiced concerns about a high turn of Libor – a rate during that banks lend to one another and that is a basement for millions of daily financial exchange – being submitted by Barclays.

Mr Diamond’s note of a call resolved by observant Mr Tucker had settled that “it did not always need to be a box that we seemed as high [with Libor submissions] as we have recently”.

Emails expelled by a Bank of England also uncover there was unchanging hit between Mr Tucker and Mr Diamond, and between Mr Tucker and comparison Downing Street central Sir Jeremy Heywood, during a tallness of a financial crisis.

Later, Barclays lowered a Libor submissions, heading to conjecture that it had finished so as a a outcome of vigour from a Bank.

However, on Monday, Mr Tucker told a Treasury Committee that he did not give Barclays instructions to reduce a Libor submissions in 2008.

He also pronounced no supervision apportion had asked him to “lean on” Barclays over a inter-bank lending rates.

Mr Diamond’s comment of a review between a dual gave “the wrong impression”, he added.

Mr Tucker pronounced he was not wakeful of any Libor strategy during a time, though now realised a Libor marketplace was a “cesspit”.

Barclays has been fined £290m by financial regulators for regulating Libor, not only during a financial crisis, though also as distant behind as 2005, when traders manipulated rates to boost profits.

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