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Church of England stalls on womanlike bishops

LONDON (AP) — The Church of England on Monday put off a final preference on permitting women to offer as bishops since of stability disagreements between contending factions.

The movement by a church’s General Synod to adjourn discuss means that a emanate will not come adult again until November.

The preference to adjourn “gives us during slightest a possibility of obscure a heat and explaining ourselves to any other,” pronounced church personality Rowan Williams, a Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Church of England hallowed a initial women as priests in 1994. Since then, women have changed into comparison positions including cathedral deans and archdeacons, though have been blocked from apropos bishops.

The church has spent years seeking a regulation that would respect a concerns of traditionalists while permitting a eucharist of women to go ahead. And while church members against to women as bishops are in a minority, their opinions lift weight since church leaders wish to equivocate a split.

The legislation to validate womanlike bishops had been upheld by 42 of a 44 dioceses of a Church of England before bishops offering an amendment that many comparison womanlike priests objected to since they pronounced it would symbol women as second-class people.

The critics note that a offer would concede a conventionalist bishopric not usually to be supervised by a masculine bishop, though it could also insist a masculine bishop had never hallowed a womanlike clergyman or had been hallowed by a bishop who hallowed women. In effect, pronounced critics of a compromise, it would symbol women as a “taint” on a method of others.

“The plain fact is that a amendment has caused widespread dismay among many of those who have upheld a magnitude adult compartment now, including a vast series of a Church’s comparison womanlike clergy,” pronounced Trevor Willmott, a bishop of Dover.

Monday’s movement kicked a emanate behind to a House of Bishops to find a resolution excusable to both sides.

“There are worse things than unprepared business,” Willmott said.

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