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Feds: Hospital tech could have widespread Hep C

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Authorities in during slightest 6 states are questioning either a roving sanatorium technician indicted of infecting 30 people with hepatitis C in New Hampshire unprotected progressing patients to a liver-destroying disease.

David Kwiatkowski (quit’-OW’-ski), a former technician during Exeter Hospital, was arrested Thursday morning during a Massachusetts sanatorium where he is receiving treatment.

U.S. Attorney John Kacavas says once 33-year-old Kwiatkowski is good adequate to be released, he will be eliminated to New Hampshire to face sovereign drug charges. He describes Kwiatkowski as a “serial infector” who worked in during slightest half a dozen states.

Investigators trust Kwiatkowski, 33, stole syringes containing fentanyl, a absolute pain-killer some-more manly than morphine, and injected himself with them. They contend he afterwards put another liquid, such as saline, into a syringes, that were after used for patients. They pronounced a hunt of his car found an dull fentanyl syringe and several needles.

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