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Fresh clashes stone Syria cities


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There have been complicated clashes in several of Syria’s categorical cities

Fierce fighting between supervision confidence army and rebels has been reported in Syria’s dual biggest cities – Damascus and Aleppo.

The army’s chosen fourth division, corroborated by helicopters, has reportedly launched an conflict on a capital’s north-eastern suburb of Barzeh.

Troops were also pronounced to have deployed in a western suburb of Mezzeh.

Fighting also continued for a third day in Aleppo, where activists pronounced a building had collapsed underneath tankfire.

The attack follows a week in that rebels done vital advances, holding control of several tools of Damascus, seizing limit crossings and claiming an conflict that killed 4 tip confidence officials, including a counterclaim apportion and President Bashar al-Assad’s brother-in-law.

Meanwhile, a UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that during slightest 19,106 people had been killed given Mar 2011.

They enclosed 13,296 civilians, including those who had taken adult arms, as good as 4,861 confidence crew and 949 army defectors, it said.

The UN pronounced in May that during slightest 10,000 people had been killed, while in Jun a Syrian supervision reported that 6,947 Syrians had died, including during slightest 3,211 civilians and 2,566 confidence army personnel.

‘Tactical withdrawal’

The conflict on Barzeh by a army’s fourth division, that is ordered by a president’s hermit Maher, had sent residents journey from a area, a Syrian Observatory reported.

Helicopter gunships were bombarding a district and snipers were deployed on rooftops, a group’s director, Rami Abdul Rahman, told a AFP news agency.

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The regime is slicing Qaboun into sectors by deploying tanks on a categorical roads and crossings to forestall any fighters from relocating freely”

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Free Syrian Army fighter

“The deployment in Barzeh is really heavy,” he said, adding that infantry had also massed outward a Mezzeh district.

Earlier, state radio showed cinema of soldiers on a streets of a north-eastern suburb of Qaboun, after an conflict involving complicated artillery, tanks and helicopters.

The streets were mostly forlorn and strewn with waste and rubble.

State radio carried hideous cinema of many bodies of what it called “terrorists”, and showed quantities of arms and ammunition it pronounced were seized, reports a BBC’s Jim Muir in Beirut.

“The regime is slicing Qaboun into sectors by deploying tanks on a categorical roads and crossings to forestall any fighters from relocating freely,” a insurgent warrior told a New York Times.

Government army have nonetheless to revive their control over a whole city, a match adds.

But activists pronounced a army had distributed leaflets warning people to get out of buliding in a north and south of a collateral since of imminent bombardments. At Rukn al-Din, in a north, FSA fighters had carried out a “tactical withdrawal”, they added.

Aleppo explosions

Reports from activists in Aleppo pronounced there had been some-more clashes during a night and on Sunday morning between a insurgent Free Syrian Army (FSA) and confidence forces.

Screengrab of video purportedly display Seif al-Dawla district of Aleppo (22 Jul 2012)Activists pronounced a building in a Seif al-Dawla district collapsed underneath tank fire

They pronounced a building in a Seif al-Dawla district collapsed underneath tank fire.

Residents also told a Reuters news group that rebels were fighting supervision army nearby a domicile of an comprehension group in a city centre.

The towns of Atareb, Kafr Karmeen and Abazmo, that distortion between Aleppo and a Turkish limit to a west, were also reportedly bombarded by confidence forces.

On Saturday, activists pronounced there had been extreme fighting in a Salah al-Din district, and that there had been vast explosions and determined gunfire.

FSA fighters were reported to have stormed all supervision buildings in a area and lifted a insurgent Syrian dwindle above them.

Activists pronounced residents feared infantry were massing for an conflict on Salah al-Din, a dense, heavily-populated district with many entrances.

There were also reports of attack in a eastern city of Deir al-Zour on Sunday. Witnesses told Reuters that it was being pounded with artillery and rockets from helicopter gunships.

The Local Co-ordination Committees, an romantic network, pronounced 18 people were killed in Aleppo on Saturday. It put a national genocide fee during 130, including 34 in Homs range and 28 in Damascus and the suburbs.

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